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  1. BabyJandJDaddy

    Fishing chat and pics..

    PB caught this week. 7 lbs.
  2. BabyJandJDaddy

    Fishing chat and pics..

    Catch and release is the only way to bass fish! Hopefully gonna get out today if the ice let's up enough. Getting the boat out on Eagle Creek tomorrow.
  3. BabyJandJDaddy

    (2020) SG Trey Galloway To IU

    I'll be the PA guy on 12/14 when he's playing in the Shootout at Southport. Should be fun.
  4. BabyJandJDaddy


    Awesome, thank you! I convinced my wife (Ohio State fan) to come a celebrate the history this happening right now with our Hoosiers.
  5. BabyJandJDaddy


    Just bought my tickets to the game this Saturday. Can we still park at the church across the street? Anyone know? Thanks!
  6. BabyJandJDaddy

    Game Thread: 10/19 3:30PM ET Indiana at Maryland BTN

    Only way I could find the game was through Fox Sports Go app.
  7. BabyJandJDaddy

    Ball State Game Sidelines

    This is a dumb question, but how do you know which sideline the Hoosiers will be on at Lucas Oil for the Ball State game? Thanks!
  8. BabyJandJDaddy

    College Football Thread

    In the post-game celebration interview he flatly said he's not going anywhere. Wildcat for life.
  9. BabyJandJDaddy

    IU Football 2019 Recruiting Class

    Was it really known that Harris was coming back? I was surprised to see it this morning. I hope things work out for him this time.
  10. BabyJandJDaddy

    Prediction League (Game 6 - Ohio State 10/6/18)

    Close late in the 3rd quarter. Buckeyes pull away late. 42 - 17.
  11. Here is why. My wife's grandparents are season ticket holders to the Buckeyes. Each time the Hoosiers head to Columbus, they always offer us their tickets. Each time, I go in hopes that this game will be finally be the one where the Hoosiers come home with a win. There have been some serious heartbreaks in recent years. The only blowout in recent memory was the 2013 game in the snow. All the other games, the Hoosiers have kept it close, sometimes even down to the last play of the game. Well this Saturday, my family and I are moving to the west side of Indy. No Buckeye game for me this year, which naturally means, I won't be there in person to see the Hoosiers take it the Buckeyes this weekend! Might as well get pumped up about it! What does IU have to lose?!
  12. According to Ken, IU is still the 13th best team in the land. www.kensrankings.com