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  1. Defense is trash. It’s the same **** with IU all the time. They just don’t play well when it matters most
  2. Does the team not practice ******* rebounding? I am so ******* disgusted
  3. ******* block out players on the other ******* team. So tired of extra ******* chances for them
  4. This game is literally right there. Get your heads out of your ***** and take over
  5. You’ve got to try something other than man to man. Make them show they can hit outside shots
  6. Painter won’t ever get it done because “It’s Purdue” lol. It’s the exact opposite of “It’s Indiana” in this case. While Purdue is satisfied with good enough, Indiana isn’t satisfied with just good enough. That’s really the main difference here
  7. Hoosier Guy


    True. They’ve been in the NCAA tournament seven times in the last eight years. Four of those years they ended up losing to 12, 13, 15 and 16 seeds. That’s truly remarkable and outrageously funny
  8. Hoosier Guy


    It couldn’t have happened to a more deserving program. They’ve now lost to a 13, 15 and 16 the last three years. They’ll complete the quadruple header next year when they lose to a 14
  9. Trayce is the true POTY. That dude is a freaking machine. I really don’t understand how any basketball fan could watch him and Edey and conclude the latter is better at basketball. One down, five to go. Let’s make this year absolutely unbelievable. I’m here for it
  10. Hoosier Guy


    **** YEAH! That stupid @$$ program is nothing but ****!
  11. Hoosier Guy


    Bennett is extremely fortunate to have a national championship on his resume
  12. Hoosier Guy

    JHS— Sophomore Superstar or NBA Bound?

    Oh yes. Dude was still a baller. If only he would’ve had a coach
  13. Hoosier Guy

    Bracketology and Team Resumes

    Virginia then went on to win the national championship the next season. Talk about mental fortitude
  14. Hoosier Guy

    JHS— Sophomore Superstar or NBA Bound?

    Tamar is another guy that would really help. I hope that Penn State game gave him his confidence. He’s a huge asset to this team