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Prediction League (Game 5 - @ Florida State 12/9/20)

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Fla State probably thinks that we owe them one after last year.  Glad no fans for this game.

FSt is big, really big.  Kinda reminds you of Texas.  Gulp.  That can't be good.

Spent 18 years coaching on the sideline and in practice I loved to scrimmage the Bigs against the Smalls.  The Bigs had to learn how to handle the ball and how to deal with speed.  The Smalls had to learn how to play against size.  More often then not the smalls came out on top.  Thought about that for this game because the size difference is significant.  Can we make FlaSt play small or will they force us to play big?

To win this game our bigs need to stay on the floor and our guards will need to out quick and out shoot the guards from the other side.  Those are two big ifs.  Not feeling good about this one but I'm going to string along with the Hoosiers.  We need to play our best game on offense (no repeat of Texas please) and fight on defense.  And we need to make the last basket in the game.

IU 73 FlaSt 71

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See so many here, and on betting sites, kind of blindly choosing the ACC champs. Thing is, they lost some 70% of their scoring from last year’s championship squad. They are still formidable, but I see this playing out similar to last season. It’s just game 2 on the season for FSU with just a cupcake as a warmup. The Indiana defense is far superior to the North Texas barber college.
Indiana’s defense should win the day. Still, this team has to hit some open looks from deep. Ball has to move like a hot potato. The secret got out later last season and there is no putting it back in the bag. Expect them to pack the paint and force TJD’s right hand. Hitting a couple early bombs obliterates that plan.
Most important stat you can look for in this game, and most games this year, are the rebound numbers. If IU can match or stay close, or if IU guard rebounds are high, that is very good for Indy. If not? Well, better hope shooting is way above average.

Indiana 71
FSU 65

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Not feeling very optimistic about this one. FSU has the length and athleticism in the front court to neutralize our best players (Trayce and Race). I’m not confident in our guards. Our guards are average, at best. 

FSU: 78

IU: 62

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