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    Music (my own especially), Braves Baseball, IU Basketball, Writing, Publishing. Previously worked as a sports writer for the Herald-Times (when it was still the Herald-Telephone) with Bob Hammel.

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  1. Cream & Crimson 79 Crimson without cream 61
  2. incrediboy

    Betting Thread

    Just for info to those interested, I have placed bets on us to win the Big Ten Tournament (8-1 odds) and the 2023 NCAA (80-1 odds). Only place in Biloxi I could be the B1G Tournament in October was Harrah's. National championship odds ranged from 60-1 (Scarlet Pearl) to 80-1 (Hard Rock and Harrah's).
  3. Just saw Calvin is out for this game, so I'm revising to IU 71 Rong State 57
  4. Hoosiers 70 Wrong State 63 I would really like to see IU play at a higher offensive level and think this could be one of those 87-81 games but based on what I've seen I can't predict we'll score above 70.
  5. incrediboy

    Music Thread

    By the way, guys, this song is just a silly thing to get my name (Lee Silver) noticed. My next song will be an original, not a parody, and not a campy ditty like this one. Current plans are to release it in December. Follow us on YouTube at Never 2 Old Productions. Lee Silver also has Facebook and Instagram accounts and accepts all FB friend requests.
  6. incrediboy

    Music Thread

    Dave, thanks a lot, I used to live in Dayton (1976-79). Shortly we're releasing an EP with a dance-club version of the song and also a karaoke music track. In the meantime, if you or anyone else wants to help, please spread the word!
  7. Most successful team formerly coached by Bob Knight 78 Another team formerly coached by Bob Knight 53
  8. incrediboy

    Music Thread

    Thanks, Stuhoo! Please share the video everywhere!
  9. incrediboy

    Music Thread

    Okay, peoples, if we're doing a music thread, I'd like to introduce MY first recording. At the age of 73, I've decided to try to become the rock star I thought I should have been in my younger days. Share the video if you like it...at least you'll like the pants I'm wearing! And there's a link in the description to iTunes where you can own it for 99 cents...what else can you get for a buck these days? FYI, Lee Silver is NOT destined to be the next Weird Al. I have serious music I'm releasing after this one, this was just (hopefully) to get my name out there.