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    Music (my own especially), Braves Baseball, IU Basketball, Writing, Publishing. Previously worked as a sports writer for the Herald-Times (when it was still the Herald-Telephone) with Bob Hammel.

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  1. incrediboy

    (2024) - SF Bryson Tucker to INDIANA

    That was my impression too. And some YouTube video is pretty impressive (of course anyone's highlights can be impressive at that level)
  2. Now that we're moving on to The Portal and the off-season in general, I'd like to know a little more about the Btown Banners basketball gang. Are you a native Hoosier? How long on this site? Do you have a business (I'd support businesses of fellow Bannerites if I knew about them and they could fill needs). I know this enters into the waters of self-promotion, but if we keep it to this thread only and voluntary (don't want to intrude on anyone's privacy), what's the harm? My inquiring mind wants to know. I'll start: I have been a supporting member of Btown Banners for many years, and while I don't post a lot, I read almost every post religiously. I am a retired native Hoosier, worked for the Herald-Times (then called the Herald-Telephone) as a sports writer from 1971-74 under Bob Hammel (hardest working man I ever met). Moved to Atlanta in 1979 to escape the winters in the Midwest. Have run a book-publishing business (IncrediBoy is a character I created in a book about an 11-year-old with a superhero fantasy published about 20 years ago...still available at Amazon). I am now, at the age of 73, trying my hand at the last big thing on my bucket list: sharing my music with the world. I've been writing songs since I was a teenager, and I'm recording them now under the name of Lee Silver. You can see all my songs and their videos (one video "In The Nude" I sneaked into a thread here earlier this season and got some positive feedback) at https://www.youtube.com/@Never2OldProductions-ou2nz Your turn!
  3. Gotta believe! Hoo Hoo Hoosiers 70 Corny Mothershuckers 64
  4. Hoosiers 82 gilded roadkill 73
  5. We're on a roll now...or am I confusing us with jelly? I think Wisconsin is much better than Maryland, and we've beaten the Dirty Needles (terra pins) once before so I say it'll be: Indiana 73 Mary's lambs 66
  6. Because we just gotta Hoosiers 75 Bad Germs 68
  7. I think we play like are unis are on fire, I can't imagine otherwise after Sunjday Hoosiers 77 Cornshuckers 66
  8. Not sure what planet I'm on to predict this but... Hoosiers 77 Pee-eww 75