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  1. incrediboy

    Player decisions

    Running an offense that the other team doesn't know better than our guys do might be one big positive regardless of the personnel on the floor.
  2. I suspect Matta was offered the job but had reservations about his health so we made a place for him. I'm not excited in any way about Woodson getting the job...but I hope I am wrong. I wasn't excited about Archie (I wanted Chris Mack), but I became an Archie Miller fan because he coached my team. I will feel the same way about Woodson.
  3. How far my expectations have fallen: I'm just hoping we don't have to watch any Medicare Advantage commercials during the game. Hoosiers 67 Red Chesspieces 66
  4. incrediboy

    Prediction League (Game 26 - Purdue 3/6/21)

    Screw Purdue Hoosiers, 71-65
  5. Indiana 68 Michigan Statue 62
  6. I agree with the ugliness, but I at least don't think we're going to quit against Michigan like we did when adversity struck at Rutgers.
  7. In overtime (reason for high scores): Wolverettes 86 Hoosiers 83
  8. incrediboy

    Prediction League (Game 23 - @ Rutgers 2/24/21)

    Hoosiers 71 Red Somethngorothers 64 Seems we can only win when our backs are against the wall.
  9. Hoosiers 74 (It's My) (S)party (and I'll cry if I want to) 61
  10. incrediboy

    Prediction League (Game 21 - Minnesota 2/17/21)

    Hoosiers 70 Gilded Ratkin 56
  11. I predicted the Iowa game would start us on a win streak. I don't think 2 is much of a streak. So: Hoosiers 66 Bucknoses 63
  12. Hoosiers 69 North by Northwestern 62
  13. incrediboy

    Prediction League (Game 18 - Iowa 2/7/21)

    Revising my prediction. I believe we're going to start a winning streak, and I don't think it's going to take OT. I also believe Iowa HAS started its late-season swoon. Hoosiers 79 Hawknoses 72
  14. incrediboy

    Prediction League (Game 17 - Illinois 2/2/21)

    Hurryin' Hoosiers 70 Biting Illini 66
  15. incrediboy

    Prediction League (Game 16 - Rutgers 1/24/21)

    Hoosiers 75 Scarlett O'Haras 66