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  1. CyberHoosier

    2022-2023 IUBB Roster Projection

    Spent some time thinking about what I feel the roster and rotations would/should look like so here's my analysis. Overall I like starting Geronimo at the 3 but it may be Kopp; although I think he would much better thrive as a come-off-the-bench shooter who will hopefully go 2/5 from 3 a night at the least. The only worry is outside shooting on the starting lineup without Kopp and Woody likes Kopp. X, Race, and TJD should get the same minutes as last season as they are easily our most solid and consistant veterans. Race could lose a couple mins if he doesn't improve as much from last season and JG or Reneau surprise however. JHS is at the 1 anytime X is on the bench. But the two will start together. X will also inevitably be in foul trouble at times, and JHS will be there to keep our offense flowing. Reneau is interesting, I think he will play the 5 when TJD is off the floor as he is like a TJD clone in terms of size, skillset, and being a lefty, but not sure how well TJD and Reneau will work together - that will be fun to see. A 3 man rotation with Race, TJD, Reneau is going to be SCARY. Throw JG in the mix in times of foul trouble as well, and that has to be the best front court in the Big Ten. I also would love to see Geronimo and TJD on the floor more together which is my hope here with JG at the 3. Tamar and Galloway are the biggest question marks still. One of them has the chance to take a lot of the other's minutes and be a major contributor off the bench as our true 6th man. I hope both take major steps in their shooting. Our defense is already going to be very good. The thing to really think about is we only have 3 proven players, the other 6 rotatonal pieces have a chance to gain some major playing time and get close to 25 a night if they take a step up this year. Floor: 6th in the Big Ten (11-9), 21-12 overall, 2nd ROUND NCAA Cieling: 1st in the Big Ten (15-5) 26-7 overall, FINAL FOUR Go Hoosiers!
  2. Let's go. Feels good to be a Hoosier.
  3. CyberHoosier

    General New Coach News

    Guy from E'ville knows the new coach, 5* PG from E'ville knows the new coach. Who is from Evansville? Calbert Cheaney!
  4. I don't know anything important but I have a feeling it isn't over yet. There's not much difference in him denying the job yesterday than the earlier presser. Can't really imagine Dolson's chase for Stevens is over with completely
  5. he definitely rehearsed it in the mirror this morning
  6. Been lurking the past few days and finally caught up. Sucks to hear the news. What's stopping IU counter-offering Boston's couter-offer? Another mil or 2 keep us in the running or no?