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  1. CyberHoosier

    IUBB 2020-2021 MPG Thread

    Trayce Jackson-Davis 32 Rob Phinisee 25 Al Durham 25 Khristian Lander 22 Jerome Hunter 22 Race Thompson 22 Joey Brunk 16 Armaan Franklin 13 Trey Galloway 11 Jordan Geronimo 8 Anthony Leal 4
  2. CyberHoosier

    (2021) PF Trey Kaufman to Purdue

    Personally I feel we missed out on Trey because IU does not have a bonafide Center for '21 assuming TJD leaves after this season. Word is Trey wants to be a college 3, and we are clearly loaded there for the next 2-3 years. However we lack the front-court depth that would leave Kaufman playing the 4 or 5 most often. Painter sold him as a 3 to play alongside Furst and that won him over. Logan Duncomb I don't think will be ready to step in and play the 5 day one. Oh well, Let's get Miller and Aminu and grab a veteran big man out of the transfer portal in '21 and we will have a very good team. On to the next one.
  3. CyberHoosier

    Found this stored away the other day.

    I also have one sitting on my bookcase here next to me!
  4. CyberHoosier

    2020-2021 IUBB Schedule

    We play NJIT for the opener on Nov 10 iirc