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Crazy about IU

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  1. Crazy about IU

    Early 2022-2023 Top 25

    A lot of years a lot of IU fans complain that the preseason perditions are to low. A lot of us think they will do better. This is the first year I think they may have us over rated. The good news they are usually right and I have there expectations over cooked. To me this team was probably around 50th best team in the country at the end of last year. There biggest problem was they did not shot the ball very well. Now your telling me because there a year older they are going to shoot the ball better ? I do believe this team is going to be better and the Big is not going to be as good. As last year . So yes we should get more wins. But for me to me this teams new players are going to have to help improve the outside shooting for us to be a top 20 team.
  2. Saint Mary beat Gonzaga so give them credit. It will be a battle I hope more than two players have a good game. Not knocking anyone but we will have to be better to win than we were tonight.
  3. Worst call of night complete BS
  4. Wow we never let it be easy
  5. No announcers are ever root for us
  6. We need some help from our guards . Scoring
  7. We both played bad I hope we settle down. But all the pressure of finally making the big dance is showing. Hang on and maybe we will be better next game get rid of the big dance jitters
  8. Crazy about IU

    Prediction League (Game 33 - BTT Iowa 3/12/22)

    IU 78 Fran 72
  9. I just hope we don’t get Bo tomorrow
  10. Crazy about IU

    Prediction League (Game 31 - BTT Michigan 3/10/22)

    IU 72 Mic 68