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  1. The team that played the hardest won . Unless Woodson works a miracle in the portal this team has no chance of being better next year.
  2. Who’s looking forward to this team without Trace. We will be lucky to win 10 games next year.
  3. I hate to say this but I hope Bates it’s the portal
  4. I had to see them lose like this . Play such a poor game we are giving it to them
  5. Koop shoot rattles out and Thompson got killed and no call change momentum . Still enough time but going have to play really good 10 minutes
  6. We cannot afford to start second half like we started the game
  7. Fino cannot play any worse. I know Woodson will go back to his stating lineups to begin the second half. We just can’t afford for him to play that poorly defensively. If he is hurt keep him out
  8. Gard play is killing us especially Fino can’t pass can’t defend and can’t throw it in the ocean. Thank you Woodson for taking him out. Bates needs to grow a pair and quit playing scared.
  9. Crazy about IU

    College Bball Thread

    My concern is how it effects recruiting if the Big continues to suck it up in the big dance
  10. Crazy about IU

    College Bball Thread

    Early returns not looking good for Big Ten again.
  11. Crazy about IU

    College Bball Thread

    Rutgers and Michigan games going down to the wire. With both playing at home early returns on Big Ten results in postseason a little concerning.
  12. Crazy about IU

    IUBB 2023 B1G Tournament March 8-12, 2023

    So tired of bad officials
  13. Crazy about IU

    IUBB 2023 B1G Tournament March 8-12, 2023

    We played a poor first half and only down 2. I will take it.