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Crazy about IU

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  1. Crazy about IU

    IUBB vs Nebraska- Wednesday 2-21-24 8:30 PM BTN

    Hurry up and give Woody a big extension before someone try’s to poach him.
  2. Crazy about IU

    IUBB vs Nebraska- Wednesday 2-21-24 8:30 PM BTN

    So sad we are close to rock bottom.
  3. Crazy about IU

    IUBB vs Northwestern - Sun 2-18-24 3pm FS1

    I sure don’t like how this team looks this late in the season. They run very poor offense. I think there enough evidence to see we are in trouble the next few years without change. This hard to watch .
  4. I think Fran has been a lot more calmer after he got a double tech a few games back. Might of got called in on the carpet.

  5. I think Iowa call Fran in on the carpet after he got thrown out a few games back. He has been a lot calmer the last few games.


  6. Crazy about IU

    IUBB vs Iowa - Tuesday, 01.30.24 @ 7:00 on BTN

    Best team effort all year a lot of heroes. I felt Leal should been playing more all year. We need shooters and his defense is above average.