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Crazy about IU

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  1. Crazy about IU

    2021 Minutes Per Game

    It is going to be difficult keeping 13 quality players happy. I guess it’s a good problem to have. 1 TJ 2 Xavier 3 Phinisee 4 Race 5 Bates 6 Stewert 7 Geronimo 8 Koop 9 Galloway 10 Durr 11 Lander 12 Duncomb 13 Leal
  2. Crazy about IU

    Who will be most improved player & Why.

    Going with Rob if he gets his confidence back look out.
  3. Crazy about IU

    Next Year’s Roster

    If the five new players scrimmaged the returning players that would be a good game to watch. Who would you pick to win? I am going with the newbies. I would pay to see it give the new players a couple walk ons for subs.
  4. Crazy about IU

    College Bball Thread

    They were supposed to play Baylor in the regular season but got canceled because of covid.
  5. Crazy about IU

    College Bball Thread

    Hard to believe this is the best official’s college game has.
  6. Crazy about IU

    College Bball Thread

    Baylor opened the door the first 5 minutes of the second half will tell a lot. If Gonzaga cuts the lead it’s game on if Baylor gets its back to 15- 19 point lead probably game over.
  7. Welcome back I think this is a good idea.
  8. I thought Archie would probably be the last coach I would see at IU in my life. I thought he would be successful. But now with the Woodson hire the curse of Knight will be over. Go IU good luck coach Woodson. I hope he can rake it on the recruiting trail. Time will tell
  9. Crazy about IU

    Ooooook who’s your # 2?

    Abilene Christian coach watching them against Texas . Up 3 less then 7 minutes to go . They are definitely a well coached team.
  10. Crazy about IU

    Ooooook who’s your # 2?

    I will go with Beard has had good results in the tournament. His team play hard my only concern would be his ability to recruit top talent year in year out. Sometimes it hard to beat superior talent even if you are the best coach . So I guess my question is who do you think would be the best recruiter ?
  11. Crazy about IU

    Candidate Thread: Brad Stevens (Boston Celtics)

    Brad was everyone’s dream choice I don’t have a top choice now. Beard maybe I just hope the powers to be get it right this time. I know there giving it there best shot got my fingers crossed it works out . Seems like all the contenders have things we don’t like. To old no head coaching experience slow offense . No matter who is chose there will people complaining. I will be on board no matter what .
  12. Crazy about IU

    Candidate Thread: Brad Stevens (Boston Celtics)

    I will remember this day forever. Go Hoosiers
  13. Crazy about IU

    BTown Banners Bracket Challenge

    Hate filling out another IU less bracket.
  14. Crazy about IU

    Prediction League (Game 27 - BTT Rutgers 3/11/21)

    Rutgers 76 IU 60
  15. Crazy about IU

    Game Thread- IU vs POS (Purdue) 2 pm ESPN

    Well we are consistent nobody can shoot the ball they are all feeling the pressure. Sorry this is not All Archies fault. I don’t have the answers but dam IU would have a hard time throwing it in the ocean from a row boat.0