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Men, I've read all of the articles, all of the message boards, and I cannot get a read on what this Langford kid will do.  I honestly believe the kid is waffling and still trying to sort it all out.  Still moving the top three around on the day to day.  I am not liking the comments about "well, of course I see a lot of IU fans at the games, I am from there."  How can that not have some sort of impact on the impact and legacy he can create playing at IU?  He goes to Kansas or Vandy and he's just another one-and-done.  I hope that does weigh on him in a positive way.

And honestly, while optically it will look great for IU to be in the mix for such a big fish who will no doubt make IU better next year, we are not sunk by any means if he goes elsewhere.  My heart is hoping for it, but I am braced for heartbreak.  With that said, Langford to IU.  

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