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  1. Iubravos

    General New Coach News

    I would if I was you, too. I'm allowed to back myself up when he comes at me. Snowflake
  2. Are people really still thinking we might get Brad? It's over she married someone else.
  3. Iubravos

    General New Coach News

    Sorry you don't like facts. That is the only stat that matters. I don't like that he doesn't score enough points to beat his opponent to get more teams in the tourney than 2 out of 17, better? He is not the guy so quit trying to sound smart when my Stat is the only thing that matters.
  4. Good thing he's crean 2.0. I'd hate to win 25 games every year. Much more fun to never see your team lose in the tourney.
  5. Iubravos

    General New Coach News

    Another clueless poster
  6. Iubravos

    General New Coach News

    I will judge him on 19 years and 2 tourney appearances.
  7. Iubravos

    Candidate Thread: Scott Drew (Baylor)

    I'll take Drew, where do I sign?
  8. We're not getting Stevens. We got to hope for Drew, Oats or Musselman.
  9. There is no way IU hires Moser!!
  10. So you don't want Musselman? Who are you hoping IU hires?
  11. Look at his record at Nevada and Arkansas. That speaks for itself.
  12. Not even close. Wait and see what he does to IU.
  13. I know but he has to have a real reason.
  14. Why do you not like him? He would do really well at IU.