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  1. Kboro21

    2021 Transfer Portal

    I’ve been interested in the info regarding his comments and timetable. Care to share for us non-subscribers??
  2. I thought the same thing initially — that from a logistics standpoint it wasn’t possible. However, I think it is entirely possible that Dolson flew to Boca to be in the same room with Pfau and any other heavy hitters involved in this meeting so as to show a united front, strategize beforehand, etc. and BS simply attended the meeting via Zoom. Given he clearly takes the NBA’s COVID mandates seriously and such, it’s not out of the realm of possibility that when someone reports back to 007 and says everyone “left” the meeting happy, it doesn’t necessarily mean everyone physically up and walked out of a room all smiles and rainbows. I personally have a half dozen Zoom meetings a day and when I speak about such meetings to clients or partners, my verbiage is the same as if I attended a live meeting in-person. Just my 2 cents and what I’m choosing to believe so I can continue to talk myself into connecting dots to make the BS dream a reality.
  3. Just accept that you’re old and out of the loop on some things LOL
  4. Time for those in the know to issue a statement from their “sources”. Thanks for helping me lose all confidence in free boards. It’s been fun while it lasted.
  5. No. That’s a fake media account. There’s been 4 or 5 fakes “reporting” this within the last 10 minutes. He doesn’t have a blue check mark...
  6. First time poster here, and considering I haven’t gotten any work done all day refreshing this page and Twitter, I figured this was something for which it is worth creating an account: I don’t know who the bozo is (“University of Indiana”), and he deleted this tweet within seconds. But my heart damn near exploded out my chest upon reading. This is just mean if you ask me.