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  1. Redandyz

    High School Basketball Thread

    Any word on if and where Brayton might play college ball? Indiana walk-on maybe?
  2. Redandyz

    2019 Off-Season IU Roster News and Moves

    I know I shouldn't be in this day and age, but I am surprised at how quick some of these players are to leave a program like IU just for the sake of more playing time, etc. In the past, transfers happened because of personal conflicts with coaches, when it's needed for player and coach to move on. Rick Calloway, Luke Recker, and Jason Collier come to mind under Coach Knight. Now, players that are getting a free, high quality education from one of the best schools in the country want to transfer to chase their dreams of a basketball career in the NBA. I partly blame coaches, but I really blame parents and "handlers" of these kids. They fill their heads with an unrealistic future where the NBA awaits them when the reality is that less than 2% of NCAA players make it to the NBA. No one wants to be a role player or work their way onto the floor by out hustling, out working their teammates for a spot to prove themselves. They would rather transfer to another school, sit a year in most cases, and then vie for a shot at a lower level school where they may not have to work quite as hard to get seen. There are THOUSANDS of high school kids in Indiana who would KILL for just a shot to be on the bench and shot to try to prove themselves! Seriously - Who in the world is telling Clifton Moore and Jake Forrester that they have a better shot elsewhere??? Insanity!!! Best case scenario, Clifton and Jake go to a mid to lower tier Big East, AAC, or C-USA team. Sit a year, and then gets 15-20 minutes a game, averaging less than 10 points per game. Is that really worth transferring for? It's not going to make a lick of difference in their basketball future. These kids get so wrapped up in their own hype and what people around him are telling him to do that the lose sight of reality - that not all players, even those who work hard and have talent, see the floor.
  3. Redandyz

    Evan Fitzner to IU

    I have no issue with offering this guy! More size off the bench, only using scholarship for a year. Makes more sense than leaving it open! Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners
  4. Yeah I was at Pattaya too! Luckily I did the customary “package check” first before things to got that far... old sailor trick! Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners mobile app
  5. Yeah, I know. I just don't want this to be like the time I was Thailand and what I thought was one thing really wasn't. Trust me.
  6. Any chance Romeo doesn't pick IU? I've seen a lot of speculation from "people close to the family" that IU is a lock... but if not, who and why?
  7. One for the announcement, one is for cameras/media.
  8. Why would Archie be there like 3 hours early though?
  9. Redandyz

    BTOWN Banners Crystal Ball

    Men, I've read all of the articles, all of the message boards, and I cannot get a read on what this Langford kid will do. I honestly believe the kid is waffling and still trying to sort it all out. Still moving the top three around on the day to day. I am not liking the comments about "well, of course I see a lot of IU fans at the games, I am from there." How can that not have some sort of impact on the impact and legacy he can create playing at IU? He goes to Kansas or Vandy and he's just another one-and-done. I hope that does weigh on him in a positive way. And honestly, while optically it will look great for IU to be in the mix for such a big fish who will no doubt make IU better next year, we are not sunk by any means if he goes elsewhere. My heart is hoping for it, but I am braced for heartbreak. With that said, Langford to IU.
  10. Redandyz

    Thad Matta OUT @ OSU

    I am just speculating, but I would think that OSU already has their man to replace Matta locked up. Why else would they have waiting until now to announce Matta's departure? My educated guess is that they'll land one of Holtmann, Mack, or Cronin. I do not see Sean Miller leaving his already elite job/loaded incoming class for OSU, and Crean being in this conversation is a joke. No one, especially a Big 10 team, is going to want him. As an aside, anyone else shocked that Matta is only 49 years old? He's three years younger than Crean but looks like he's in his early 60's.
  11. Regardless I think it is safe to say we dodged a bit of a bullet with him. He struggled at Syracuse before heading to IUPUI and averaging under 10 points a game. Maybe he does better under Crean, but sounds he was the odd man out in that class and likely doesn't play a ton. I was excited about him, but never really panned out.
  12. I think TB, JBJ and Rojo are all back. Yes, means that a couple scholly guys get axed, but this could set IU up for a 2002 type of run. Elite talent finally utilized... then CAM brings in his guys and continues the tradition.
  13. I'm sick of this song but love it. Love the edit LOL. "Ah-Chee Millah"... I about fell over laughing. Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners mobile app
  14. Is Creaning Crean's players still a Creaning?? I think just this once we have some awkwardness in that regard, but CAM has said he'd rather leave a few schollys open for flexibility. It's something that may affect us next year but not going forward.