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(2017) C Mohamed Bamba to Texas

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I think Chuck also went in with one hand tied behind his back. "Come play for a great program with a mediocre coach"!

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Plenty of guys get kids to come with mediocre coaches. Relationships are one of the biggest things.

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It's funny that some of you guys mentioned Chuck Martin because I was coming here to post something about him. 

I just heard from a guy that I've known for ages now who's dialed into all this and we talked plenty of IU Hoops and all that is relevant about the program.  So we got talking about Coach Miller's potential staff and it blows his mind how many people would rather have a former IU player on staff rather than having the best possible coaches and recruiters. 

From there we got talking about Chuck Martin and thinks it wouldn't be a bad idea to hold onto him because if IU wants to get back to the heights of the past that not only do they need to get the best of Indiana & the MidWest but to get national talents from the East & West coast. 

From what I've been told from someone I trust thinks that Chuck Martin was a HR hire but that it was Crean that in the end unraveled the easy layup of closing of prospects that Coach Martin set him up.

I tend to believe this but have no proof but I'm hearing from someone who I know and who is connected to the hoops/recruiting world.  But the reason I can believe it that it seems like IU was  making in-roads with some of these top prospects. Quite a few of them were predictied that they were going to go to IU, but as Crean got more involved to close them it certainly seemed as thats when they pulled back or eliminated IU.  It was then that despite being a good decent man (Crean) supposedly that there was talk of guys passing on IU because that he was way too weird. 

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6 minutes ago, Dalton26 said:

Committed to Texas.


Just glad he didnt go to UK.

Yep. Also glad he didn't go to Duke, sick of their crap too.

If last season is any indication, Smart is building a talent burning factory in Austin. Bamba won't be heard from again until next year's draft.  


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