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Game Thread: 09/21 12:00PM ET Indiana vs UConn BTN

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2 minutes ago, Aeggie said:

True, but we know for sure that Penix can at least lead a more diversified offense because he can be on time and on target downfield. Our best chance to beat the Spartans next week hinges on Penix being ready to get back in the saddle.

He certainly has a much better arm than Ramsey. I'm hoping we get to see him against one of those good big 10 teams soon because I want to see how he does. Who knows what's going on with his injury. 

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36 minutes ago, Hoosierfan2017 said:

Much better play calling today. We've been able to eat so much clock and keep our defense off the field. It hasn't been flashy but it has been effective. 

Even better, this game is gonna end by 3:00.

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Still hard to gauge this team. We have blown out some cupcake teams and were blown out by a top-5 team. Have also seen different quarterbacks at different times. Either way, we finished 3-0 against non-conference and need 3 more for bowl eligibility. Rutgers and Northwestern look to be our best chances remaining at wins. Maryland, Purdue, and Nebraska could be toss ups. Michigan St., Michigan, and Penn State are likely losses. Still have faith we can get to 6 wins and would see that as successful season!

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He's limited and does have major flaws as a player but he's not awful either. Penix should be the starter but having Ramsey isn't a death sentence

100% - Ramsey is not a bad QB.

With Ramsey, I know exactly what we’ll get when he plays. Good for an 80%+ completion percentage, many short passes, an interception or two, a win against bad teams, and a certain loss against the top tier teams. He’s a 5 win QB in our division of the B1G, despite being a good QB.

As you said later, Penix diversifies our offensive attack, and is pretty much also good for a win against the bad teams. I (and many others) also believes he’s good for a win or two against those better B1G teams that will help propel us to a bowl game.

We’ll see!

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