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Let's Talk Hockey

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One of my favorite hockey memories was going to the very first Indianapolis Ice game (back in the '80s).  As they set up for puck drop, Brent Sapergia didn't even go for the puck.  As soon as it dropped, he threw off the gloves and started swinging.  Needless to say, the Ice set an IHL record for penalty minutes that season lol

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Went to a number of FW Komets back in the day. Prior to the Coliseum being renovated. Tons of fun!

I took my son to his first NHl game prior to moving east. The Avs vs Islanders. We were 6 rows from the glass in a corner. He had the time of his life!

Other notable games. Saw game #4 as the Ducks swept the Avs back in '06 or '07. What made it great was that it was from an auditing firms suite on the blue line. Freaking fun!

In '03 saw the Sharks beat the Avs in game 6. Notable because my buddy and I caught the fame on a whim by finding seats online. I wore my Sharks jersey and was challenged to a number of fights post game. Avs fans suck. Lol

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It should probably be mentioned that hockey groupies tend to be extremely hot, thus greatly enhancing the best sport live aspect.

This is so true.  There is always a zillion hot girls at hockey games.  What makes that crowd so different?  It's rare to find one at a football game.

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