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Prediction League (Game 29 - @ Illinois 3/1/20)

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I fell on my head with my pick in the Purdue game.  Know what?  If I had it to do over I'd still pick the Hoosiers.  We go jobbed on the road.  Two 9 minute dry stretches and we still only lost by 8.

I have a feeling about this game.  Illinois has a 19-9 72.5-64.7 line.  We are 18-10 71.5-67.0.  They are 12-3 at home and we are 2-7 in away games.  I hate to pick obnoxious teams like Purdue and Illinois (and I live in Illinois).  Didn't send my kids there though (Iowa and IU).

Are we truly a bottom feeder in the Big 10?  All of Illinois wins have been agains the bottom half of the conference.  Against the top half they are terrible.  Illinois comes into this game following a 4 game losing streak, followed by wins over Penn State, Northwestern and Nebraska.  So in there last 7 games only the Penn State win is anything special.  In other words Illinois is beatable, even at home, if we play well.  Isn't that the big question?

Looking for a bounce back game by the good guys.  If we want to go to the big dance we need to prove it by playing well against teams that are going to the tourney.

IU 70    Illini 69

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Love the optimism in this thread. I don’t feel like we have a shot at this one unfortunately. Their guards will kill us and they match up well in the front court. 
Illini - 67
Indiana - 52

Speaking for myself only, you’re confusing optimism for desperately trying to get out of the bottom of the standings. Which, ironically, optimism put me down there to begin with lol.

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