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  1. I’m excited but I think we need all the point separation we can get. I thought their RB was getting something 7.5 ypc?
  2. I’m surprised how much complaining I’ve seen.
  3. killerbeezer

    Coach Knight at the IUBB reunion

    I just saw the fb post and pics. I don’t know if this reunion was Woody’s doing but, if so, he’s killing it. As a fan it’s great to see those guys together.
  4. killerbeezer

    2021 Transfer Portal

    If you haven’t been to the CFM in the last 5 years, you wouldn’t recognize the place. Ownership has changed hands and they aren’t making anything fresh.
  5. At what point do we worry that the coaching staff could beat the players on a 3 on 3?
  6. Do you want to compare Archie’s NBA network to Woodson’s?
  7. There really are a ton. Mo Creek. JBJ. Coverdale.
  8. killerbeezer

    (2021) PG Khristian Lander to INDIANA (IN 2020!)

    You can also do a ton of courses online for dual credit - college/hs through like an ivy tech. He could basically start those any time.
  9. killerbeezer

    Prediction League (Game 28 - @ Purdue 2/27/20)

    IU 61 PU 66 I hope they prove me wrong.
  10. killerbeezer

    Top College Basketball Programs the Last 20 Years

    Surprised by Illinois.
  11. killerbeezer

    IUBB vs Penn State - 2/23/20 @ Noon

    C’mon guys! ESPN says we have an 81% chance of winning!