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    Glad to know he landed on his feet. Also glad to know he didn't just milk the buyout. Absolutely intend to follow his career ex post IU, and wish him a ton of success. Sincerely hope he can learn to teach his students how to play defense, and how to play offense in the half court, and how to beat a zone. Optimistically in the old dogs can learn new tricks camp. Thanks for the good times, and thanks for the memories! Nice to have a coach leave without trying to kick us all in the teeth every chance he gets now that the best times together are over. More of a man in many ways than the supposed greatest.
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    Jeff Goodman‏Verified account @GoodmanESPN Evansville guard Ryan Taylor told ESPN he will explore other options and possibility of transferring. Led the Missouri Valley in scoring this season at 21.2 PPG. Immediately eligible as a grad transfer." Shot 42% on both overall FG's and on his 3's; 86% FT's. He's 6'6". We could do a lot worse if we're looking for a grad transfer SG.
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    Note to rebelcc but there's others out there as well. I've noticed several unfamiliar names with posts in the last week or so and noted that several have been btb members for quite some time but just haven't posted very often. Really glad to see you people taking a more active role as posters and hope you continue. That's what makes this board so special and the best there is. Thank you.
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    Supposedly this is flying over UCLA.
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    "Evansville guard Ryan Taylor told ESPN he will explore other options and possibility of transferring. Led the Missouri Valley in scoring this season at 21.2. Immediately eligible as a grad transfer." Jeff Goodman
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    Wish him well! Good coach, better person. I’m glad we had him and I’m glad he’s gone!
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    College Bball Thread

    I hope some random guy named Al Ford doesn't take the fall for this.
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    The real reason Crean chose UGA over Pitt; so much closer to all those MEAC and SWAC cupcakes.
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    Don't think we have to be overly concerned with him poaching Indiana's best high school talent.
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    Here ya go, boss.
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    TC: “I don’t know...Pitt offered me unlimited mini waters and Diet Coke...” Georgia AD: “Tommy, did you know that Athens is sunny 380 days per year, and when it’s not, we have 13 tanning salons within walking distance? You can keep your red watch here.” TC: “Where do I sign?” Seriously though, I hope he does well. I’m so glad he’s not here anymore. He can beat UK every year, for all I care. Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners
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    2018 NCAA Tournament Games

    The only thing that would be better than Kentucky losing would be if Kentucky lost on a last second three-pointer by that little Rusty Reigell dude Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners
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    Good for Tom, wish him the best. Always said I didn't have a problem with Tom Crean, as long as he wasn't the HC at Indiana University
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    Any SEC teams run a 2-3 zone? I couldn't resist.
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    #IUWBB - 2018 WNIT CHAMPS!

    Hoosiers win 74-50! Career night for Penn. We play the winner of Milwaukee/Northern Iowa next. Milwaukee up 12 @ half. Penn - 25/6/3 Cahill - 14/9/3, 2 blks Buss - 14/3/3, 3 stls Royster - 10/2 Yeaney - 7/5/4, 1 blk, 1 stl Warthen - 2 Marchese - 3 rbs, 3 blks
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    We host Milwaukee on Sunday @ 2 pm ET.
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    Insane. That guy is one of the best thieves in the world.
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    @IndianaSwimDive: Lilly King's 100 breaststroke split of 56.02 is the fastest in history! #NeverDaunted #GoIU
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    #IUWBB - 2018 WNIT CHAMPS!

    Hoosiers on fire to start the 2nd half! 54-39
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    Really have to appreciate the fact she honored her commitment to IU after Curt Miller was let go.
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    LB was not a recruiting miss. He signed with IU. Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners mobile app