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  1. Kepner

    (2021) CG Jalen Blackmon

    How did he end up comparing to JBJ? I remember early on he was advertised as the best of the three but I know he’s dealt with injuries as well.
  2. Committed to Butler today per his Twitter
  3. Not sure I’ve seen it addressed here but maybe you all know more than I do about it, what is the story behind him dad pulling him off Indiana Elites main team last year in the middle of a tournament. His dad wanted him to be featured more so he pulled him off the team? Could be a big reason why the bigger schools haven’t pulled the trigger on offering him
  4. Any idea who Luke is playing AAU with this summer. Saw that the Indy Heat and Indiana Elite rosters were announced today and he wasn’t on either one
  5. From a couple places I’ve read from he just doesn’t do anything special. Solid player but nothing stands out.
  6. Kepner

    (2021) PF Blake Sisley

    Is IU actively recruiting him? Haven’t seen his name mentioned much anywhere except this thread
  7. Kepner

    Peyton Ramsey to Northwestern

    Per the 247 Twitter page Ramsey is entering his name into the transfer portal. Can’t say that I’m surprised but I also am. Wish him nothing but the best.
  8. Miller and Ostrum recruited Towns out of high school. His problem is his last two seasons have been cut short by injury
  9. Kepner

    2019 Coaching Carousel

    Juwan Howard just hires Phil Martelli , legendary St Joe’s coach as an assistant on his staff
  10. Everything I’ve seen and read about him screams project. He’d be a practice player but wouldn’t be an in game, on the court contributor.
  11. I’m really interested to see if IU starts taking a closer look at Pack. He’s small but he’s a fantastic scorer and just seems to be a winner
  12. How do we know that the staff isn’t? I don’t feel like we knew about Fitzner until it was pretty close to a commitment
  13. Committed to Nebraska today
  14. Just got done reading that on Inside the Hall and immediately came back here to discuss. His comments are worrisome for me as well. I know the NBA is the goal for every player but we’ve seen that go badly here too often. Players that use IU as a stepping stone without investing much in the program. He’s a great player though. I’ll be curious to see what happens
  15. Kepner

    (2020) SG Trey Galloway To IU

    Both him and Leal have really good offers but seems both have been waiting for the IU offer.