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  1. Im with the above poster.....hope we casted a larger net than to come up with Pearl....who is already close to Woodys age. Or May...who could be Archie 2.0 Collins, Beard, Drew, Underwood, Oates? Oates is at a 100% football school, but would be king at IU...and he has won everyplace he has been at.
  2. Good defense...not jacking up 3's....i could get use to this!
  3. If it was someone besides UK.....why commit now?...opposing school fans will have a field day with that.
  4. If a kid wants a new tractor and 10k give it to him...whatever it takes....signed "friends of the program"
  5. Iu 70....St johns....65
  6. Iufan71

    Hoosier Fan Fest

    I agree with the sentiment of others...the Hysteric guys are totally creepy....stay away from tweeting at most certainly recruits please.
  7. IU needs to use NIL to their advantage....im not talking bout simply hosting a podcast....think big!
  8. It was said during the UK game last night that they had 180.NIL.deals before the first basketball game was played this season. Is there a cap on money an athlete can earn from an NIL deals?
  9. Iufan71

    Hoosier Fan Fest

    Attendance might have been better if put together by the school vs some blogger boys. Love their enthusiasm for IU....other times they seem a bit mis-guided.
  10. Iufan71

    IUBB @ MSU- Game Thread

    Who did we take a commit over Henry....i know Henry was offered
  11. Iufan71

    IUBB @ MSU- Game Thread

    Should have went harder after Taylor....Fitzner has been a bust
  12. Iufan71

    IUBB @ MSU- Game Thread

    Here comes Damezi...bombs away!!!!