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    Congrats to Jordy Hulls

    Victor OladipoVerified account‏@VicOladipo Back with my family for @JordanHulls1 wedding @CodyZeller @Cwat205 @Dsol32 @SheeheyWilliam #Squad #HullsPartyof2 Reply Retweet Favorite Follow More          
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    Hey everybody my name is Rich, but my friends call me Rico.  I grew up and live outside of Warsaw, In.  I love the outdoors and IU.  Look forward to joining in on the chatter. 
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    Kyle Schwarber - Chicago Cubs

    Hit his first triple-A bomb tonight. Currently 3-4 with a double and that HR. Only needs a triple for the cycle.
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    Congrats to Jordy Hulls

    Also very cool @martypieratt: If in Bloomington, Ind. tonight, be on the lookout for these characters. Congrats Jordy! #iubb #HullsPartyof2 @IUAA http://t.co/rp9mVtUOfo
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    #USWNT - 2015 World Cup CHAMPS!

    Julie Johnston sure holds it down
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    Got to watch the match yesterday. Really liked USA's pressure for most of the match. Missed some good opportunities, but our defense continued to play great. Can't wait for the next match. Playing indoor soccer is turning me into a soccer fan lol.
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    That's no duck my friend.
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    Alford Bailey

    Congrats to Jordy Hulls

    Congrats JH. Also, cool pic!
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    #USWNT - 2015 World Cup CHAMPS!

    I'm thinking it's a matchup thing. I'm guessing they wanted a bunch of speed against China. Although she's pretty fast and skilled too. I think Morgan and Rodriquez did a great job at make good runs. Christen Press played well as a sub too. (And she's a babe)
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    @Jigga2cal: #NikeSkillsAcademy college guys that look good Ben Simmons, Troy Williams, Damien Jones and Kris Dunn. Dunn and Simmons look like top 5 guys
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    Congrats to Jordy Hulls

    That is an All Time Cool Pic! Or an ATCP.
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    UFC/Boxing Fans

    WOW!!!!! What a knockout by Santos. Head kick knocked his opponent out and that dude went stiff!
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    Alford Bailey

    Go Reds!

    Injuries have just been ridiculous. I felt Dusty needed to go for us to get to the next level. I'm not pleased with Price but to be fair he hasnt had a healthy roster yet. Just kinda sad to see Cincy in this position after all the success we've had in the last few years.
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    Hova uses it purely for sending duck-face selfies to all his friends and family
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      Ooooh, that hurts!  
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    2015 #IUBB Offseason Thread

    Haha now I look stupid. Thanks for clarifying
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    Come on guys, calling this team our most talented ever is very short sighted...  The '75 team had 8 NBA players, including a #1, #2, #8, and #11 pick.  I wouldn't put this team in our top 10 teams talent-wise.  We are certainly talented enough to have a very good season, and maybe even win the Big Ten, but let's not disrespect our past with over the top statements.
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    its too early for this 
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        Last notable #31 was John Laskowski.  Of the 5 that wore that number after Laz, 3 never hung around.
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    I wouldn't say best ever. Those early 90s teams were top to bottom the most talented IMO. But, certainly with 3 5 stars  and 2 4 stars in the starting lineup talent can't be the excuse next year.
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    Where can we get 6 wins?

    Your talking history. I'm talking the future. If you walk into a season or even a single game focusing on the past, don't be surprised if you get the same results.
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    (2016) C Thon Maker

    I see through rose colored glasses... but the only thing Arizona State has over Indiana doesn't even include basketball (women). They probably don't win that by very much, either. As for bball... They draw no attendance, have no games on national tv and don't have near the pedigree of players to play with. Seems like a no brainier to me!
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    (2019) SF Trendon Watford

    Not to make this blown out of proportion, and I definitely still think we have the inside track here, but it kinda feels like the staff botched not being the first to offer here
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    2015 #IUBB Offseason Thread

    If I've learned anything follow IU 'led' by Crean it's to expect the unexpected.  Is it bad that I'm just hoping we get through the offseason without any arrests, off the court 'incidents', or injuries? 
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    (2016) PF Nick Rakocevic

    I'm gonna read into the Yogi comment a little.    Last year, Yogi was our leading scorer out of necessity.  This year, even in an open gym, he's gonna have a whole lotta assists.