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  1. The fact the game is neck and neck with Davis on the bench since the 15 minute mark is AWESOME!
  2. The team may not have a great record this year, but you can see how much better prepared this team is for this game than they ever were for a big game under Crean. Not this year, maybe not next year, but I feel very confident Archie Miller will consistently have IU in the conversation as a contender.
  3. KelleyHoosh


    One observation through the 1st half, we are really bad at setting screens
  4. KelleyHoosh


    Thanks for sharing! Was there, love being able to watch the TV broadcast a second time and see things I may have missed. Boy is this team exciting
  5. KelleyHoosh

    Kevin Wilson Resigned

    Yeah I don't know, something about this doesn't really sit right with me. Obviously the University investigated and feels otherwise, but at least in the public eye it looks like Glass kind of screwed over Wilson for a few complaints that most every player has, probably to hold on to Coach Allen. Just my view
  6. KelleyHoosh

    Kevin Wilson Resigned

    Tom Allen at HC, McCullough to OC?
  7. KelleyHoosh

    Kevin Wilson Resigned

    He was just signed to an extension through 2021 in January. Must be conduct of some sort
  8. KelleyHoosh

    Kevin Wilson Resigned

    Hope its nothing too embarrassing for the university
  9. KelleyHoosh

    Kevin Wilson Resigned

    Wow. Makes no sense... must be something behind the scenes
  10. KelleyHoosh


    Don't really think the argument that would lose the game away from home holds much water. We were winning by 10-13 points pretty consistently throughout the game. The question in my mind is whether they can bring that intensity without tons of screaming fans charging them up. I am surprised to see criticism of Newkirk, as from what I've seen he looks solid to me. Sure, he's not Yogi, but who is? I'm hopeful he will get up to speed as a result of non conference play and have improved decision making for conference play. Sort of related, while OG's ankle injury is obviously a bummer, the silver lining will be more playing time for Green, CUJO, Davis to get up to speed. There is still so so much room for this team to get better, you can see they're oozing potential. Of course, this is the year IU has a shot at the Final Four and I will be studying in Europe during conference season (first world problems). Go Hoosiers!
  11. KelleyHoosh


    Great win! Still plenty of room to grow. The offense struggles way too often. We are slow on switching back off pick and rolls and gave up easy inside buckets. Side note, I thought JBJ did pretty well defensively tonight. FT shooting looks like a weakness so far. Deron is going to be great to give TB a break/complement him. Love these freshmen. ... And we just beat UNC. Fans were great, hope OG's ankle is good to go by B1G season.
  12. KelleyHoosh

    #11 IU vs #2 Kansas Game Thread

    We look like we belong, lets see if we can make these good spurts last a little longer in the 2nd half
  13. KelleyHoosh

    30 for 30 (Bob Knight)

    Would be awesome
  14. KelleyHoosh

    #IUFB Indiana vs Ball State Pre Game Thread

    Excited for the home opener! Love college football