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  1. HoosiersLoveBanners

    2019-2020 NBA Thread

    Give Anunoby credit for trying to guard Lebron, but he’s just not quick enough. Definitely couldn’t stay in front of him. He wasn’t even close on that last shot.
  2. HoosiersLoveBanners

    Game Thread:MSU 8:15 ESPN

    This season has been brutal.
  3. HoosiersLoveBanners

    Purdue at IU Game Thread

    Well, I didn't see that first half coming! That was a solid first half minus the Green shenanigans
  4. HoosiersLoveBanners

    Maryland at IU Game Thread

    Is it too early to be excited about Juwans senior year?
  5. Finally we show some heart for a series. Hope we can keep it
  6. DG got lucky with the kick ball.....and then went on to turn it over anyway. SMH lol
  7. Durham is going to be a hell of a player
  8. That was an ugly first half! Ugh.....
  9. I think his best interests are to come back and develop. I know that's not the popular opinion. He's not going to be doing much of anything next year or couple years. It's easy to say go take the money. But, a couple million minus fifty percent (maybe more depending where) and then you're not even getting to agent costs etc. It's really not that much money. Certainly not enough to live on your entire life. A lot of people have been picked on "potential". That's a word you hear a lot but rarely ever do players live up to it fully. Keep in mind, if he turns into an NBA superstar, I would happily eat my crow. I just don't see it.
  10. I'm going to root for OG but I wouldn't touch him in the first round. Not this year. No footwork at all. He will not create the separation needed at the NBA level. Travel MACHINE before he got hurt. He needed to come back and play to develop and not just go ride pine. He will only rebound and dunk at the next level. Can't create his own shot yet. Just my .02
  11. I like OG and I'm a big fan. But, he didn't have a great year (IMO) even before he got injured. Certainly not a first round lottery pick year. I know NBA draft stock is based a lot on potential... If you watch the tape, he really can't figure out how to dribble and he will separate from nobody in the NBA with his poor footwork. He certainly didn't shoot well from the college three line. He needs to stay and learn if he wants any chance at being good in the NBA, and not just going for the early check. The real NBA checks are the second contracts, anyways.
  12. All the "insiders" were wrong, again.
  13. HoosiersLoveBanners

    Welcome Coach Miller

    Very itchy to find out which players Archie goes after in recruiting. I'm really hoping we can get away from the offer everyone and their sister camp and actually make an Indiana Basketball scholarship offer a rare thing, again.
  14. HoosiersLoveBanners

    It's Miller Time Shirts!

    $23 for a t shirt! If it was like 10 or 15 dollars, I would be down.