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(2016) C Joey Brunk to Butler

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Having a pretty decent year for Southport.


NY2LASPORTS.COM ‏@ny2lasports 13m
UPDATE WITH 2016 C JOEY BRUNK http://shar.es/Ug45l  @HWHoopsCentral @bowncewithme @prephoopstv



"Brunk's skills are always improving despite being listed at 6-foot-10 now when he was 6-foot-6 just 18 months ago."'


"Brunk's touch from six feet and closer is fantastic. He rarely misses a bunny- that can't be said for a lot of young bigs. He also finishes through contact well."


"Another positive for Brunk's future is his frame. He's going to be able to get extremely strong once he stops growing. Adding strength will improve his athleticism."

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This kid is the tallest on the court by far & he doesn't jump for ball at tip off. He gets nowhere close to the rim. Believe me, he plays in my back yard. I have seen him play in person this month. He needs to put work in, in my opinion. Then again I am not a scout or D1 coach. Sent from my Venue 8 3830 using BtownBanners mobile app

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Drew Messmer @AllMetroDrew  ·  3h
2016 PF Joey Brunk (@JoeyBrunk) has heard from Purdue, Kansas, Oklahoma, Ole Miss, IU, Michigan St, UCLA, Xavier, Notre Dame and New Mexico.
Most recent video.

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[quote name="Stuhoo" post="74670" timestamp="1405714459"][u][b]BUNCHA COPY CATS!![/b][/u]

[color=rgb(41,47,51)][font='Gotham Narrow SSm'][indent=1.45]
[size=4][url="https://twitter.com/KyleNeddenriep"]kneddenriep_bigger.jpg[b]Kyle Neddenriep[color=rgb(136,201,249)]Verified account[/color][/b]‏[color=rgb(136,153,166)][color=rgb(177,187,195)]@[/color]KyleNeddenriep[/color][/url][/size][/font][/color][/indent][color=rgb(41,47,51)][font='Gotham Narrow SSm'][size=6]
[size=4]Southport center Joey Brunk (2016) has been offered by Michigan State.[/size][/size][/font][/color][/quote] I'm starting to believe Izzo is out to thwart Crean whenever he gets the chance lol.

Sent from my place of advanced, analytical thinking: the toilet.

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