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  1. Too early to say. Reputations can be made in March. His performance against quality opponents will raise or lower his chances to be drafted.
  2. IU Bud

    College Football Thread

    It will be interesting if Northern Illinois is able to go in place of Minnesota..These things always seem to work out and the teams end up playing. I believe Missouri had a similar issue and they were able to settle the issue and play. They have so much to lose if they don't play. I will be surprised if a last minute deal is made, but it will be difficult.
  3. IU Bud

    Looking to next season

    I have heard good things directed towards Newkirk. Bielfeldt after the season mentioned that Josh is a good leader. Newkirk was given credit to a late improvement in defensive play once he could begin practice. While Zeisloft wasn't a stellar defender, Crean gave Newkirk credit for Z's improvement after RoJo went down. From what I have seen in clips and comments, Josh has a burst of quickness that allows him to put pressure on defenders. He can be a very good replacement if he can get into the lane and make plays without turning the ball over. He won't have to score like Yogi, but he needs to do the other things Yogi did.
  4. IU Bud

    IndyCar thread

    It is Fast Friday. Teams won't be holding back or testing race setups. It is all about laying that wing back and showing what they have. I like the old days when teams competed to post the fastest times of the day and changed to qualification engines to push speed over reliability for those 4 laps. I also miss the T cars that drivers would jump in to test setups and sometimes put another driver in to qualify. Now we are limited by the engines Honda and Chevy can supply and the deals needed to get more than 33 cars entered. It is still the Greatest Spectacle but it used to have so much more drama and emotion.
  5. IU Bud

    Troy Williams Decision

    Swanigan and Williams both seem to be looking at any excuse to not come back I can understand why Swanigan wouldn't want to go back to WL.
  6. IU Bud

    Coaching Rumors

    Probably Ricky Pitino.
  7. IU Bud

    Prayer Thread

    Prayers for you Geometry Hoosier. I worked for a firm that designed many of those furnaces. I designed many of the molds in the HDC area. It is a shock they are shutting that down. Hopefully you can find something within the plant. Toyota will be hiring. They have said many of you guys would be a good fit.
  8. IU Bud

    Manager added to roster

    He grew up a diehard IU fan like many of us that could only dream to put the uniform on and run out on the court.   My daughters boyfriend moved to Zionsville before their senior year. She went up to go to a homecoming dance with her boyfriend. They double dated with Jackson and got to know him pretty well. She pointed him out during one of the games she went to.   He has to be thrilled.  
  9. IU Bud

    IU @ Nebraska - 4pm - BTN - Game thread

    Anyone going to the chat room? Click the chat button at the top right.
  10. IU Bud

    IU for Christmas

    My son got me a Bob Knight autographed picture of the 1987 White House visit. The picture shows Knight presenting Reagan with a red blazer. It is in a beautiful frame with a certificate of authenticity.    My son did very good this year!
  11. IU Bud

    Juwan Morgan injury and etc.

    Stupid HIPPA!
  12. IU Bud

    IU vs Alcorn St. Game Thread

    Come check out the chat room.  Click the button at the top right.
  13. These players are on a business trip. When I go on a business trip, I take care of business and if there is time then have fun.  IU got to Hawaii and seem to have been all over the place. The players lost the game, but Crean playing tour guide led to it.
  14. IU Bud

    Analysis; How about Thomas Bryant?

    Thomas Bryant is good at basketball.
  15. Anyone want to hang out in the chat room?