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    Maybe the twatshot? I'll see myself out...
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    Mainly 3 deep at the guard with Paige, Britt, and Berry. You'll see Justin Jackson and Pinson on the wing. I am not high on UNC guard play. Paige has had a subpar year and I think Yogi can really shut him down. I know UNC struggles from distance but they can get streaky. I'm only worried about Justin Jackson on the perimeter with his length. I'm telling you guys UNC is soft. It's VERY important for IU to stay at it even if UNC comes out firing. Let them know they will be in for 40 minutes of hell and I guarantee you Indiana will be right there in the end with a chance to win the game.
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    This is why we can't have nice things lol
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    Had a great time telling the domers to suck it for three quarters. Rough finish, but told em to suck it anyway.   Nothing to be ashamed of ladies, they gave it all they had. Good season and future looks bright.   Go Hoosiers
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    Barring a Northern Iowaesque collapse, it's over. Great season, girls. Hoosier Nation is proud of you.
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    Although I'm disappointed with how the game finished, I'm very encouraged by the strides this program has made this season. I feel like the team has really bought into the style and system Coach TM is building. The girls battled a very athletic Notre Dame club. Hopefully, coach will be able to add some athletic recruits to the group. Go Hoosiers.
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    I had to share that on fb. Simply awesome
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    For next year, the team really needs to work on cutting down the TO's and improve it's overall defense.  Tonight as well as throughout the season, we've not been a particularly good defensive team.  But with Leikem as our only senior, we'll have nearly the whole team back plus new recruits so with good off-season work, next season could be very promising.
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    $265 I believe, I didn't buy them, my friend did. Nose bleed seats for two games and a potential IU victory. I hope it's worth it.
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    I see John Crispin is already writing us off. Just said Melo Trimble is the best guard in college basketball. Also said Kansas versus Maryland is a championship game. I just get the feeling this dude hates IU secretly. Keep piling it on America.. the hate keeps IU warm at night.. Sent from my SCH-I545 using Tapatalk
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      Buss improving her shooting could go a long way too.  Teams are able to sag off of her too much.  If she can be a real threat from three she has the speed to drive for points or to find her teammates.  Great year by the Lady Hoosiers!
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    A 5 seed vs a 1 seed gosh that sounds familiar
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    BTN should have replayed this game tonight. Happy Anniversary!!!   http://www.sports-reference.com/cbb/boxscores/2002-03-21-duke.html   https://youtu.be/zFga1xOchcQ
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    we can save "swatshot" for trendon.
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    College Bball Thread

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    The end of that segment when he was reading and responding to some of the tweets was priceless
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    That was fantastic! When fisch came on, Dakich went hard in the paint on the state of Kentucky. Basically calling all the fans miserable and intolerable @$$hats Sent from my SCH-I545 using Tapatalk
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    Coaching Carousel 2016

    SIAP...   Oakland Online @OaklandOnline UCLA coach Steve Alford apologizes to fans, gives back contract extension  #sports
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    plumlee plays for Duke
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    UK was 3 pt favorites against us. Unc is -5.5 with o/u at 160.
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    Hope you are right and I expect it as well. Assuming TB and OG come back and everyone is healthy we are a top 10 maybe top 5 team next year.