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  1. bleedhoosier

    Player decisions

    Everybody on the team looking at Armaan now like
  2. bleedhoosier

    Player decisions

    This is really turning into all of us eating popcorn looking at Archie, who's watching HIS TEAM beat everybody's @$$, under Woodson
  3. Your ways are mysterious and puzzling, yet delightful and fascinating
  4. I have that exact same outfit, darker jacket haha. "What, I like to look good" - Mike Lowrey (BadBoys2)
  5. bleedhoosier

    Player decisions

    Fn amazing
  6. bleedhoosier

    Player decisions

    I'm so curious to see what Phinisee does under a new coach mentally. That kid was/is in his own head bad. Almost like someone stole his confidence somewhere. Or that must have been one hell of a concussion. Rob can be an absolute stud for 20 mins, and then he's gone again. He randomly plays top level defense.
  7. bleedhoosier

    Worst Losses of the Archie Era

    Woodson has very little shoes to fill. Just hit 3 out of 4 free throws in the first game and I'll consider the hire a win
  8. Haha, I was hoping someone would feel the need to correct my non haiku
  9. Optimism doesn't equate to being correct. Realism is often mistaken for pessimism. Life isn't miserable as a non optimist. Thats it, that's my haiku
  10. bleedhoosier

    Player decisions

    In a different universe I'd like to replay this exact same team but with Woodson or Tim Buckley just to understand the affect a staff has on shooting. Maybe Archie and crew truly just don't know.. that they don't know how to teach shooting at the college speed. Archie is always like "they shoot a lot and shoot well in practice". Ok, but who is refining the mechanics of everyone's shots or calling out the variances in setups. No matter what the form is, make it dead nuts repeatable, just like Hulls.
  11. Woodson was jumping out of helicopters at 18. These kids were trying to keep their GigaPet alive
  12. There's grey in that voice tho lol
  13. bleedhoosier

    Assistant Coach Thread

    I liked his comment during the presser about making sure he keeps his ego because he always wants to learn from the basketball minds (referencing Thad). Crean was like that but too far. He was applying every coaches plays from every offensive set. *Asst coach holds placard that says 3 Man Weave version 3.4, wrinkle 1.2*