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  1. bleedhoosier

    Archie and Progress

    Decent article in the off season. Archie has to turn on the juice this season and next. He has his 3 years out of the way. That's all I was giving him from day 1. I did like the product in the final stretch. Time to be ranked and to start making sure the nation remembers IU's place in cbb. We've been down long enough. If we aren't knocking heads starting this year, I'll be slipping on support for Archie. However, I do think he's the guy for us. Or I want him to be the guy, at least.
  2. bleedhoosier

    2019-2020 Season Review

    Had some serious doubts mid season about Archie here at IU. Was still in support and maintain that with a below average upper class.. and just one baller (TJD) in underclassman, what do you expect. Archie has ton a pretty good job recruiting if you ask me and seems to be picking up steam in my opinion. I feel like these last 3-4 weeks have completely turned my mind around about this program growing some serious stability moving forward. Come on guys, TJD and Khristian together, Arman and Hunter as sophomores, Phinisee possibly healthy.. Al doing Al things again. Race being a dog. That FEELS like a much better, cohesive squad hitting the floor.
  3. bleedhoosier

    (2021) PG Khristian Lander to INDIANA (IN 2020!)

    YESSSSSSSSSSSS Bob came back, the boys rip off 2 solid wins on road and #9 team at home, nearly locking the tourney, TJD got national freshman of the week and now Kristian!?!? What a time for Hoosier Nation!!
  4. bleedhoosier

    IUBB vs Penn State - 2/23/20 @ Noon

    I don't feel like looking it up but I'm pretty certain this has been the cadence for Archie the last 3 years. Front end of schedule goes well... Some weird loss streak happening mid way.. then the heat turns on 4-6 games before BTT. Is that just a thing with Archie's teams? Just like people bagging MSU early then Izzo slowly puts it together in Feb/March.
  5. Yes feel like Archie heard that question to Devonte and decided to dig in on it. Has talked a lot about Devonte and ensuring his mind is right and how down he gets on himself (gets in his own head).
  6. I can't tell if reporter meant "where is your mind when shots aren't falling".... Or if he was truly just being a total dick lol
  7. This player post game just got awkward.. Reporter - "devonte when you arent hitting any shots, where do u go?... Ur an NBA level offensive talent and you disappear for games scoring 2 or 3 points" Devonte - I don't understand.. elaborate Reported - you elaborate. Where do you go when your shots aren't falling. Ur too good for that . Purdue... Just one of several examples" Devonte - inconsistent x5..
  8. Green is terrible. Handful of games left and we can all move on.
  9. Rob is basically a rich mans Danny Moore at this point if you ask me. Was a huge fan of Rob but today.. I'm over it. Get a new guard. Rob would be great off the bench. I've changed my mind, he's just as soft as the rest of the team. There are 2 things to watch at this point. The emergence of Hunter and then TJD developing a mid range game. Ok, 3.. I hope half this team is kicked off or transfers at end of season. If that doesn't happen... It's literally the same team back. Green and Davis are gone, 3 unprepared freshman enter. Basically same season again If Archie stays, the only way I see him rectifying this is kicking 3 or 4 guys off and hitting the transfer circuit. Also, is Hunter going to hit the starting 5 in place of Smith? Or do I die first?how does this thing work?
  10. Jordan Hulls has a bigger sack size than this entire team put together. That is factual.
  11. I hate this team. I really do. SOFT. I hope you all do well in life, because you really suck at college basketball.
  12. Agree. Smith is dang near non existent right now. He comes up with good rebounds at times. That's all I got right now. His stroke is good really but he picks the worst times to shoot. I would turn him into a spot up shooter and tell him to forget it when someone is guarding. He seems to favor baseline shooting which is great. Hit that short corner for dunks and jumpers when defense is collapsing or rotating. He's just always being used oddly in this system. If Smith played Sheeheys role in Crean's offense, he'd slay I think.
  13. I'm still holding on that I'm fairly pleased with the actual Archie players at this point in the season (TJD, Franklin, Hunter) then (Phinisee, Race) and (Brunk). The only hangup is Rob gets very discouraged or timid and Brunk has had two difficult games which does not yet takeaway how good he has been, in my opinion. The next group is not actually an Archie recruitment. He had to talk Smith and Al into staying. It was too late to go snag new players when these guys obviously expressed they could be talked into staying. It doesn't hurt that they are serviceable, and hopeful with improvement. Then same with Devonte and Davis. Devonte oozing talent but now we know he can't be reigned in. Given this, I'm willing to give Archie next year before I really pack it in. TJD is going to explode. Rob looks to be gaining a shot back. Hunter is blossoming now. Al buys in, and plays hard, not a leader. Brunk another year. Franklin adjusted to speed of college game. Then let's see how the new freshman shake out. Devonte isn't out there disrupting offense AND defense anymore. I'm not saying we will be great. Buts it's a tourney team.
  14. bleedhoosier

    IUBB vs Penn St 1/29 8:30 pm BTN

    Hey team - you have a dominate big man down low. Just wasn't sure if that detail has been lost along the way. Our best offense is dumping it to a big guy. Not this constant high pick situation. Ok it got us two dunks... Calm down.