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  1. Keep those three and leap and that would be a pretty good starting point.
  2. Unfortunately, I think you were wrong. I think it was woody or Lewis or fife or smart or a totally off the wall hire oates beard, few, wright, no big names were coming.
  3. I would agree with this. I think it was a way of showing we still mattered to many...
  4. I would say 0% chance you can get Lewis and fife... one or the other maybe.
  5. Why. What has changed in the last ten mins? One guy saying “ he was told”?
  6. Looks like everyone in here had a few too many in early celebration and called it an early night...
  7. It could always be someone out of left field. Maybe Brad says no thanks “but here is who you need...”. Maybe it’s some hot young nba asst that has the offensive ideas and the connections and the analytics background that is so big today...
  8. I see very little chance it’s moser i think if it’s not Brad, which odds are low, then frankly it’s Woodson. I think the nba experience is going to be too big a thing for dolson.
  9. I think very few people would say “believing”. Hoping is more like it.
  10. 94Hoosier

    General New Coach News

    Can you explain this? why did he turn it down? Realized he couldn’t do it health wise?
  11. 94Hoosier

    General New Coach News

    It’s Stevens...lol
  12. 94Hoosier

    General New Coach News

    Plus Bennett doesn’t seem to embody “Where is college basketball going? And as you can see, basketball is different than it was three years ago, four years ago, six years ago in terms of how it fits into the NBA and moving on and playing professionally. I think we have to blend all of that together to have an attractive style of play, that obviously can win consistently, but that players want to play in and see themselves in.”
  13. 94Hoosier

    General New Coach News

    The rivals peeps are certainly implying Bennett. I don’t buy it....but I don’t know squat.