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  1. madmax

    Player decisions

    Sad to see Brunk go. He wasn’t going to start, but he was also our biggest guy and can soak up minutes in the paint defending and being a solid presence. You can never have too much depth at the 5 in the Big Ten. I’d wager a guess that at some point next year we will wish we had him available.
  2. madmax

    Assistant Coach Thread

    In the perfect world where Woodson is super successful and is going to hand the reins over to an assistant in 5 or 6 years, it also saves us from the drama of picking between the two, both of whom I think could do really well with the job.
  3. If you look through Dane's old tweets, he has gone at Goodman before in a playful manner. I'd bet anything that they are friends. It's just banter, but its still nice to see someone go after him publicly.
  4. The interview with Dakich was a must listen for sure. Loved every bit of it.
  5. madmax

    College Bball Thread

  6. madmax

    College Bball Thread

    I don't care what anyone in the world says. I know they played a tough OOC schedule, but there is ZERO chance Gonzaga is undefeated if they were in the Big Ten. No way they win 20 Big Ten games+the tournament.
  7. madmax

    Player decisions

    Will this team likely hang a banner? Probably not. But the pieces are 100% there for a top 25 team and a win or two in the tournament. Who knows what will happen, and obviously there is a lot left to unfold, but there is no reason not to be excited.
  8. I learned today that Dane previously was an assistant for two years at IU under Mike Davis prior to taking the IPFW job. Weird.
  9. madmax

    Assistant Coach Thread

  10. madmax

    Assistant Coach Thread

    Huge. Not only did we just get a great assistant, but we stole one from Izzo and Michigan state. It's a double win. Love it.
  11. madmax

    Assistant Coach Thread

    The only Assistant that he brought from Dayton was Ostrom which is his right hand man(he also brought Bill Comar, but he was not an assistant coach). Otherwise he had 4 guys who largely seemed to be considered excellent hires(especially Schilling and Hunter) none of whom had coached with him at Dayton: -Bruiser Flint -Ed Schilling -Mike Roberts -Kenya Hunter I understand that the cool thing to do is to hate on Archie these days, but at least use facts when you do(there are plenty to use).
  12. madmax

    College Bball Thread

    I wouldn’t count on it. Baylor is legit. I think it’ll be a great game and I would put it as a total toss up.
  13. Excited TJD is coming back. Regardless of any incoming transfers, we weren’t gonna get anyone nearly as impactful as him. It really does two big things: 1. Speeds up the timeline for being very good. Not saying it will or won’t, but this can be a tournament team next year-no doubt. 2. Gives Woodson the ability to showcase his talent in player development. If TJD comes back next year with a mid range/outside shot it will give him tangible results in the college game to tout during recruiting. That’s a huge opportunity that can’t be understated.
  14. madmax

    2021 Transfer Portal

    Really don’t wanna lose Franklin or Geronimo. I really think the nucleus we had last year + Stewart and a healthy Brunk should easily be a tournament team. No reason it shouldn’t especially if everyone buys what CMW is selling.
  15. The rumor states that it would be an on-campus position. That, to me, says not an assistant job. Instead it would likely be something similar to what Matta is doing. Just another good basketball mind around the program.