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  1. CS2

    College Bball Thread

    Well played
  2. I heard that Brohm was interested in IU AAD as well, but likely just angling for an extension and more money.
  3. The bar is very low for AHIA fans obviously, but 11W is perhaps their most reasonable site and Ramzy is a very good writer. Even many of the comments from fans are reasonable.
  4. As much as I like Fred and the many positive things he accomplished in his tenure, he was not a Football or Basketball man. He is a brilliant lawyer, a skilled funraiser with massive connections and as big an IU guy as there is. What he wasn't is an athletics guy and it showed in his handling of the MBB program...the flagship. Hiring and firing D1 coaches was OTJ training for him. What Scott, who by the way is at least somewhat connected to the program as a former Manager and working around the joint since Knight, seems to understand is that even he is not a Basketball man nor a former coach who has hired and fired other coaches. Scott not only has the stones to pull the trigger on Miller despite pandemic optics, potential backlash from the BOT and with a new POTU coming on board but he also has the self awareness to bring in a Basketball man as AAD. These two men and whomever they hire, may or may not be able to elevate the program back to it's national level and I will let the mouthbreathers jump to those conclusions...but I do like Scott's obvious self-awarenes and willingness to bridge that gap with Matta. Best wishes...and Go IU!!!
  5. CS2

    General New Coach News

    OMG this is the most cringeworthy speech I have ever seen. Guy should have been fired before the team hit th floor.
  6. CS2

    General New Coach News

    But the west side has a Mother bears with parking
  7. CS2

    General New Coach News

    LOL more of the same. Somebody created a username on Rivals called "Filth" and started a similar thread about Alford and he got four pages of responses. Unreal.
  8. CS2

    General New Coach News

    Just another guy spreading rumors so someone thinks he is important or connected. If they actually get down to offering Matta...we are in trouble.
  9. CS2

    Candidate Thread: Thad Matta

    So the question is do you want Dolson to pursue Thad as a candidate? He is down my list about four spots so hopefully Scott has his second choice on the line soon.
  10. CS2

    Knight In Declining Health

    Bob looks good in this photo. Like it. I rode back next to Gene and his wife with their little dog from Indy to CLT about 18 months ago. They were really pleasant I didn't talk basketball at all. The dog was acting up on his wife's lap and he turns to me and rolls his eyes. Funny.
  11. I am not sure how we know that there is no "premiere level coach in (sight)". We learn this from fan message boards or from Scott directly? Because I have not heard anything from Scott.
  12. Masshole is a commom term used anywhere they migrate to,
  13. And what is there to train? Thaw out the donuts and put them in a rack for three or four days.
  14. Ok, so they know better than anyone how badly it sucks. In SE FL the new Yorkers all est there...don't get it.
  15. Since you are a New yorker, can you explain why people from the NE eat Dunkin Donuts? A mystery to me.