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  1. CS2

    Coaching Candidate Thread

    I have not spoken to him but everything I read indicates the long recuiting trail is a big ask for him. Botched surgeries are almost always limiting.
  2. CS2

    Coaching Candidate Thread

    H isn't health enough for the rugged recruiting road.
  3. CS2

    Coaching Candidate Thread

    How are they better next year without TJD?
  4. CS2

    Coaching Candidate Thread

    IMO and SIAP but I would like to see it structured similarly to Tom Allen's Tom got a seven-year deal where he does not lose a year if they get to a bowl game. Perpetuates itself.
  5. CS2

    IUBB vs Penn State - 12/29/20 @ 8:30 on BTN

    Psu was 0-4 from 3 in OT?
  6. This was a wholly unsatisfying win to say the least. We saw some glimpses of hope from Al and Rob which is good and TJD was able to own the paint. And yet IU can't defend the 3 and Archie moved in to "play not to lose" mode with about 10 minutes to go...abandoning what put them out front. A looooong way to go if AM wants to keep his job.
  7. If the game is to be cancelled it would likely be yesterday or today. If Miss has to cancel IMO the coach and AD are responsible and Miss needs to reimburse IU for all expenses and lost revenue. Having the entire team travel home and back was reckless at best. I am hitting the Alley in a couple of hours and if I have to turn around I will be pissed.
  8. CS2

    IUBB vs Penn State - 12/29/20 @ 8:30 on BTN

    Well, when you don't shoot well...you better rebound the hell out of the ball.
  9. There is a time and a place to respond to what happened to IU at the end of the season. This is it. No offense to Miss but I would run the score up big.
  10. CS2

    College Football Thread

    They were in full meltdown over this call. They were almost as upset as they were with the 2pt conversion call in IU v PSu. Bur IU lost, so they are ok now.
  11. If he came to IU it would be his tenth stop in 24 years. Lots of one-year gigs. NCAA assistants live out of suitcases but this is a lot.
  12. CS2

    Coronavirus and Sports Only - PLEASE and THANK YOU

    Almost exactly what I proposed back in May except that coolers are allowed inside and tailgating is allowed every third spot.
  13. CS2

    OT - Bloomington, a city on the brink?

    From the BHT sounds as if there were plenty of bad actors involved including the victim who returned to the private property against his friend's wishes to help teach the fine locals why the rebel flag is hurtful.