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  1. finky

    Justin Smith Declares

    I honestly don't know why that would upset you. Ever since Archie arrived, IU basketball has been pretty pathetic.
  2. finky

    Justin Smith Declares

    Good for Justin, he deserves at least one year of playing for a good Coach and good program, he even has a shot of playing in the NCAA tournament now.
  3. finky

    Archie and Progress

    26-32 Big Ten record. Finished 6th, 9th and 10th....
  4. finky

    Coronavirus and Its Impact

    Unlike Italy, we didn't sell out all of our Northern factories to China and have daily non-stop flights from Italy to guess where...Wuhan China...Italy basically was importing the virus daily. Not that I don't think we shouldn't take this seriously....but this information is important when it comes to Italy.
  5. Honestly, if we make the tourney......that game is going to be super embarrassing
  6. They don't even play...they take up space
  7. If the Refs don't want to call the light touch foul......put a haymaker on them
  8. , we will most likely lose the first Big Ten Tourney game, maybe win an NIT game and then we can put the disaster known as Archie Miller to bed and move on
  9. Looks like Alabama came in and hired our Strength Coach, David Ballou and Athletic Performance director Dr. Matt Rhea. Bummer, but you know you're over the target when Alabama hires away personnel from you.
  10. Guard play is everything
  11. I agree that Hunter should have been taken out. We don't want anybody with a warm hand shooting for us
  12. finky

    Negativity Thread

    The best news I've heard all day.......Smith is going to leave? Can he take the coach and well everyone but Trayce with him? Zander would get bad advice to reclassify and come to IU next year. WHat is he going to do, make great passes to his teammates who will miss wide open jumpers by about three Counties? The lane will be packed and teams will laugh and just dare us to beat them with our 15% outside shooting. Zander should see if any of the current cast can get a shot this summer or if the Freshman coming in can shoot. Player development seems to not be a priority for Miller and he has yet to show he is capable of recruiting a player who can score at the College level ******Lander lol
  13. The three musts with IU Basketball....Make the Tourney, show well in the Tourney and beat Purdue........Archie.lol
  14. Pointing out the problem with this team..........absolutely NO COACHING...at all
  15. Durham, the only Gaurd in the big ten who can't handle the ball...what a stupid a$$ sequence of events