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  1. We do understand how much a D1 football player eats right? And coaches and staff. That's so much food.
  2. btownqb

    IU Baseball

    Veryy happy for him. Absolutely a stud.
  3. btownqb

    IU Baseball

    Big time commitment today from Aydan Decker-Petty from New Castle 6'5 RHP/1B #4 in IN #270 overall
  4. Appears Sales is very close.
  5. btownqb

    IU Baseball

    We will have a massive roster.
  6. btownqb

    IUBB - 2020 Off-Season News

    Dude I was the same way typing it lol Bosse is a free for all, still is.
  7. btownqb

    IUBB - 2020 Off-Season News

    Lol I told everyone when JL was in HS we should NOT be interested in him.
  8. btownqb

    IUBB - 2020 Off-Season News

    He only plays where he's allowed to play however he wants to is allowed.
  9. btownqb

    IUBB - 2020 Off-Season News

    There isn't a percentage in me that wants JaQuan Lyle.
  10. btownqb

    Justin Smith Declares

    Not really lol
  11. btownqb

    Justin Smith Declares

    Neither was yours
  12. btownqb

    Justin Smith Declares

    I still can't get over the "I was never an Archie fan" line. BK in 6 years was 102-50, 67% winning percentage at Army and had ond losing season... if you take his beat record out he's 82-45, 64.5%.The year before BK took over Army was 21-8 and before that 19-7. 40-15 combined... 73%. Archie in 6 years was 139-63, 69% winning percentage at Dayton. Take out his best season he's 114-55, 67%. The two years prior for AM getting the job at Dayton they were 47-26 before he arrived 64%. Looking at all that.. if Bob Knight was qualified for the job, why wouldn't Archie Miller? Cinci is a fairly large hot spot for HS basketball, solid spot.. he has connections there and obviously Columbus, as well. Indy is given. Connections in Carolinas and Pennsylvania. Who should we have waited on? Im pretty sure Glass A. Did his HW B. Wanted someone younger Idk.. sorry, but I just think thats a silly statement. "I was never an Archie fan"... tf why? His teams at Dayton were effing tough... he took a team to the E8 that didn't start a guy over 6'6 lol HE TOOK DAYTON TO BACK TO BACK SWEET 16S. Furthermore.. stating those were Gregory's players is questionable at best. He was literally in his 3rd season and 4th season when they made their runs.. 13-14 of the 9 that played 6 of them were recruited by AM, the next year.. guess what? Every single player was an AM recruit (or transfer). Don't come on here telling us friggin Archie Miller road "Brian Gregory's success" to IU. That's absolutely asinine. I'm sure you don't truthfully grasp how hard it is to win a win or go home tournament. As great as some claim BK to be... he won it 3 times in 42 years. 3.
  13. btownqb

    Justin Smith Declares

    So weak to not include us in the tourney this year lol Have fun on that mountain.
  14. btownqb

    IUFB -- RIP Chris Beaty (1981-2020)

    If all of that is true, I hope they throw away the key.