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  1. btownqb

    This really sucks...

    Holt played that year. Davis averaged 11p 6r on a 27 win Houston team. They both had very strange careers.
  2. btownqb

    Assistant Coach Thread

    Yes, I bought 2 polos and 2 sweatshirts off him. lol I have one of the polos on now.
  3. btownqb

    2021 Transfer Portal

    Ok.. I mean I don't think anyone is claiming its imminent. What's there still to be negative about? Geesh
  4. btownqb

    IUFB Offseason Updates

    Ryder Anderson said something similar from the bowl game.
  5. btownqb

    Player decisions

    That's seems like a pretty big stretch. Maybe he's just been in contact with Yogi Ferrell about staying at IU?
  6. btownqb

    Player decisions

    She's smart enough to understand the issues that can arise from social media.
  7. btownqb

    Player decisions

    is there a connection?
  8. btownqb

    This really sucks...

    I think you're right. Healthy DD would have really changed that team, though. He could play.
  9. btownqb

    This really sucks...

    That team won the B1G didn't it?
  10. btownqb

    This really sucks...

    or a drunk idiot teammate jump in front of it
  11. btownqb

    2021 Transfer Portal

    Sure there is.
  12. See.. I actually think the addition of Johnson should make Franklin want to stay even more.
  13. btownqb

    Player decisions

    Boys.. you bring Franklin AND Thompson with Johnson. And possibly add Brooks. You're talking about a squad. Thompson is what every good team has off the bench.