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  1. btownqb

    Peyton Hendershot - Dallas Cowboys

    Oh I don't doubt it. He isn't one to back down. I'm a fan of that, can't have penalties though, that's for sure. Hope to see him more for the Cowboys, heck I would buy a jersey lol
  2. btownqb

    Peyton Hendershot - Dallas Cowboys

    The only video I can find of that is one of the Giants being a b**** and holding PHs facemask, like latched onto it. That is grounds for getting knocked out, I have no idea what transpired before that. Only video I can find.
  3. btownqb

    (2024) - C Flory Bidunga

    School always pays for OVs
  4. btownqb

    (2024) PF - Derik Queen

    Agree to all that.
  5. Which was actually code for "I have no clue how basketball has evolved".... from those fans. CWat didn't need to go in the post, that wasn't a strength. Dude shot 42% from 3 for his career and 48% from 3 as a SR. VO and Yogi were better finishers at the rim than CWat. Sorry, those complaints bring back bad memories lol
  6. btownqb

    (2024) PF - Derik Queen

    Its not those guys fault they have to put that on those posts though, ya know?
  7. btownqb

    Xavier Arrested...

    Case closed
  8. I think the 100 was 10.70, still... very, very fast.
  9. btownqb

    IUFB 2022 Season Thread

    Her and Dolson were in the locker room post game, as well.
  10. btownqb

    Micah McFadden - New York Giants

    Colts didn't need him, unfortunately.
  11. btownqb


    Hot Box's Porky the Pie is 50% off this week. You're welcome.
  12. btownqb

    IU Volleyball

    Just say the one with the different colored jersey!! haha
  13. btownqb

    IU Volleyball

    This is a really good post. The bold though is not as prevalent as some portray it to be. Not that Aird didn't do this or anything in regards to him, but over time/across the board.... that isn't the norm. Unfortunately, as you've mentioned, kids are fragile these days and it's mostly because our expectations for behavior and academic performance have dropped dramatically. The standard is so absurdly low.
  14. btownqb

    Indiana HS Football 2022

    I live in Columbus. Columbus is not an Indy area school! My wife is the AT at CN. And yes, you're right about the class struggling to beat the Indy schools across the board. We have Charlestown tonight, so we''ll get a good measuring stick of where we actually are tonight.
  15. btownqb

    IUFB 2022 Season Thread

    And Madison