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  1. btownqb

    IU Baseball Commits

    Top 300 ranked on PBR
  2. btownqb

    Forum tipoff classic

    Thought so. Feel like they played SB Riley when they had Damezi.
  3. btownqb

    Fire Tom Allen

    I don't think they should try to limit it to one, I still think you can play two QBs in some situations and we might have one of those. I cannot agree to the bold.... when playing against OSU with generally awful field position the entire day. Is Dexter back in the equation? Oh undoubtedly if he's healthy.
  4. btownqb

    Andrew Saalfrank - Arizona Diamondbacks

    Saalfrank's a dog.
  5. btownqb

    Fire Tom Allen

    I agree completely. It was evident. Its really going to be ugly if you don't try and move those guys eyes at all, and see if they'll take themselves out of the play. I think the mindset was.... go see if you can get a cheap 3 yards or so, then go for it on a shorter 4th down. OSU f'ed up that plan.
  6. btownqb

    Fire Tom Allen

    see... context. Throw that in with 3 different occasions, not converting on 3rd down, when we ABSOLUTELY should have.... there's your story for the offense on Saturday. Those 3 missed conversions, cost us at least 9 plays offensively, and a whole lot of MO.
  7. btownqb

    Fire Tom Allen

    I can understand that. My dad and uncle (I watched the game with them)... they felt the same. But, in my opinion, if you're going the ultra-conservative route (which I agreed with in this game)... fully commit to it. I am also big on the momentum aspect.
  8. btownqb

    Fire Tom Allen

    I'm not sure. I think in my lifetime, born in 1990, outside of Hep (and I don't think his model was sustainable), CTA is the coach we've hired with the best chance at success at Indiana. If the rest of this season ends up like 2 years ago, I am probably ready to move on.
  9. btownqb

    Fire Tom Allen

    3rd and 5 in plus territory... we ran straight speed option with no jet fake at all, to the boundary. That's a very questionable call. That was the drive we got the FG on.
  10. btownqb

    Fire Tom Allen

    I found another time I was pretty pissed, not sure who's fault it was exactly.... 4th and 2 on OSU's first offensive drive.... I thought it was obvious as soon as OSU motioned their H back, they would create some sort of boot action and try and the H back the ball in the flat. That is around "2:40" in the first video. ***sorry I guess it wasn't a boot, but it was PA, and the H back just ran a simple arrow in the flat and we had absolutely no one close. That play pissed me off.
  11. btownqb

    Fire Tom Allen

    You didn't give me any details about what WB did wrong Saturday.
  12. btownqb

    Fire Tom Allen

    hmmm ok.. so in detail, and not emotion-filled BS, tell me what the issues were with WB from Saturday? Again, use the film.. and go into detail. I'll post the videos for you. Personally, I just think a bunch of you ***** to ***** and there isn't much substance behind it. I will admit.. I was pretty pissed when we didn't punt with 40-50 secs to go in the half when we were down 7-3. I would have punted there, pinned them (I think OSU would have just taken knees to end the half)... you go into the half down 4 and OSU has zero momentum. It also takes 5 or 6 plays away from your defense, on a hot day like Saturday. But the two biggest plays for us offensively were NOT screwed up by WB. That was, whoever jumped on 3rd and 1 on the first drive and Jackson not going right on the draw play that would have gotten 10-15 more yards. Those two plays alone cost us at least 6 more offensive plays.
  13. btownqb

    Forum tipoff classic

    mmm I think Jerome Hunter played in that.
  14. btownqb

    Fire Tom Allen

    They aren't, clearly. Look at the thread title.