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  1. ccgeneral

    #IUMS - 2019 Exhibition Schedule

    Hoosiers fall 2-1. We wrap up preseason on Saturday against DePaul @ 8 pm.
  2. ccgeneral

    (2021) SF - Aminu Mohammed

    @daily_hoosier: Per a source, Indiana continues to be in contact with class of 2021 5-star Aminu Mohammed. Hoping to visit in September/October. #iubb
  3. ccgeneral

    #IUMS - 2019 Exhibition Schedule

    @IndianaMSOC: 64' | Goal Louisville. Cardinals retake the lead off a corner kick. 2-1 UL | #Q49 | #GoIU
  4. ccgeneral

    #IUMS - 2019 Exhibition Schedule

    @IndianaMSOC: GOAL HOOSIERS! Brilliant run from freshman Herbert Endeley ends in his shot being saved, but the rebound finds the foot of Thomas Warr, who buries it to tie the match in the 40th minute! 1-1 | #Q49 | #GoIU
  5. ccgeneral

    #IUMS - 2019 Exhibition Schedule

    @IndianaMSOC: 17' | Goal Louisville. Cardinals take the lead here at Grand Park. 1-0 UL | #Q49 | #GoIU
  6. ccgeneral

    #IUMS - 2019 Exhibition Schedule

    Hoosiers win 3-nil! We play #14 Louisville on Wednesday @ 7 pm.
  7. ccgeneral

    #IUMS - 2019 Exhibition Schedule

    @RigdonJared: John Bannec, Andrew Goldsworthy, Brett Bebej, Ben Yeagley, Jacob Gruber, Isaac Sarosy and Alex McGill all getting their first action of the night as the third period opens. Ryan Wittenbrink is here but not in uniform. Freshmen Josh Penn and Quinten Helmer have yet to appear as well. It’s worth noting that senior midfielder/forward and FIU transfer Joris Ahlinvi didn’t travel tonight so his IU debut will have to wait.
  8. ccgeneral

    #IUMS - 2019 Exhibition Schedule

    @RigdonJared: Joe Schmidt ends the second period in style with a strike off the left foot from outside the box. IU’s third goal of the period. #iums
  9. ccgeneral

    #IUMS - 2019 Exhibition Schedule

    @IndianaMSOC: GOAL HOOSIERS! Thomas Warr with the score in the 41st minute for IU! Credit the assist to Joe Schmidt, who fired a shot from distance that was saved on a dive. Warr cleaned up the rebound for IU on the left side. 2-0 IU | #Q49 | #GoIU
  10. ccgeneral

    #IUMS - 2019 Exhibition Schedule

    @IndianaMSOC: GOAL HOOSIERS! Freshman Herbert Endeley scores the first goal for #IUMS in the 38th minute! Endeley with a great finish off the pass from Simon Waever. 1-0 IU | #Q49 | #GoIU
  11. ccgeneral

    #IUMS - 2019 Exhibition Schedule

    Playing three 30 minute periods. Scoreless after the first. @RigdonJared: Jordan Kleyn, Thomas Warr, Joe Schmidt and Roman Celetano coming on in the second period. #iums
  12. ccgeneral

    #IUMS - 2019 Exhibition Schedule

    Let's get it on! @RigdonJared: Daniel Munie, Jack Maher, Spencer Glass and Simon Waever start as the four defenders in the first period. Freshmen Aidan Morris, Victor Bezerra, Herbert Endeley and Maouloune Goumballe all getting action early in the match. Ian Black, Bryant Pratt and A.J Palazzolo the other three “starters” in the first period of play. #iums
  13. ccgeneral

    #IUMS - 2019 Exhibition Schedule

    @ZachOsterman: Big Ten men's soccer tournament is leaving Grand Park for College Park. This year's semifinals and final will be held at Maryland's Ludwig Field, Nov. 15 and 17. #iums
  14. ccgeneral

    #IUMS - 2019 Exhibition Schedule

    Forward preview: https://www.crimsonquarry.com/2019/8/18/20811308/2019-indiana-hoosiers-soccer-preview-the-forwards Midfield preview: https://www.crimsonquarry.com/2019/8/16/20809268/2019-indiana-hoosiers-soccer-preview-the-midfield Defense preview: https://www.crimsonquarry.com/2019/8/16/20808254/2019-indiana-hoosiers-soccer-preview-the-defense Goalkeeper preview: https://www.crimsonquarry.com/2019/8/14/20806287/2019-indiana-hoosiers-soccer-preview-the-goalkeepers