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    Class of '66 Old Fart

    College Bball Thread

    Great tweet from Rick Bozich - Buffalo 71, Syracuse 59 — in The Carrier Dome. That’s Four losses while playing only one road game for The Orange. NCAA Tournament Selection Committee considering knocking the Orange to a #3 seed.
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    RIP - Terry Hutchens - 1958-2018

    Terry is a gracious man. In the summer of 2015 when I was trying to expand my portfolio for the writing & editing profession, Terry welcomed me as a soccer content contributor for this site. He met me for lunch (which he insisted on paying for), we talked about how he envisioned the role and content ideas, and shortly after he showed me the ropes as we attended an iums practice. Essentially with his endorsement, I got the opportunity to interview Coach Yeagley and a few players, a first for me. When I moved on, he told me not to hesitate in using him as a reference (I didn't even ask), which I did for an editorial job later that year and got it. Terry didn't have to do any of that. I was incredibly grateful, and certainly still am, that a prolific five-time Indiana sportswriter of the year would be so generous to me. Wishing the smoothest recovery for Terry and his family.
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    Thanks General. You do great work for the site
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    IU Football 2019 Recruiting Class

    #6 RB Sampson James
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    Well, the same person who told me about Tuttle a few days ago also told me that Debord was gone. Don't give up hope on Bell either.
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    Very sad to hear. I only know him from him working with us on this site but was always gracious with us both on the main board and mod board. Almost to the point where I thought it was strange (for lack of a better term) he even dealt with us...I soon just realized he was a genuine, good man who was passionate about his career, Indiana sports, and his family. Thoughts are with his family...
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    @zkeefer: Season ends today for two Colts: Skai Moore and Al Woods headed to IR. Team signs safety J.J. Wilcox, and also adds former IU linebacker Tegray Scales to the practice squad. I feel like Scales could be a really good fit for this defense.
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    RIP - Terry Hutchens - 1958-2018

    Yeah man. He had every right to come in with an ego and he never did with us behind the scenes. As busy as he was he would try and engage people because we asked him to. He didn’t need us. Could have told us to piss off. He didn’t. He loved writing and discussing IU athletics. He really is a normal dude that loves all things IU. Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners mobile app
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    Ryan James of NorthStarHoops - Assistants from Indiana and Illinois are at the Prior Lake vs Shakopee game. Main target is 2020 Dawson Garcia. 247Sports describes him as a 4-star 6'10" 200 lb. PF. #28 national ranking; #6 national PF. Already holds offers from Minny, Texas, Xavier, Butler, Baylor, Iowa, PUke, Wisky & Rutgers. In his season opener, Garcia scored 32 pts. and had 11 reb. In their second game he sccored 25 pts. Game #3 Garcia had 25 points, 11 rebounds and three blocks. Game #4 he had 31 pts. UPDATE tonight's game #1: Dawson Garcia has been unstoppable hitting 4 treys (1 pull-up, one stepping back, 2 feet set catch and hit) plus the one hand lost-up midlane and the putbacks. Dawson has 19 early, Prior Lake controlling Shakopee 31-19 UPDATE #2: Garcia finished with 40 pts.
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    (2019) SF Trendon Watford to LSU

    Yeah I’ve seen them both play in person at Westfield the last 2 years. I will start out by saying getting either one of them is huge. Both are 5 stars for a reason. I personally would take brooks. Again that’s not saying Watford isn’t good I feel Brooks will be the better player down the road. Watford struggled each year I watched him up there. He was on a team with Vernon Carey and Iggy the freshman from Michigan this year. At the time Watford was playing up a grade but he didn’t really do anything that separated himself. And again this year he had a bad couple days and his team lost each game I watched. Although he struggled you can see the talent. For his size he can really shoot it and he is crafty under the basket. The reason I would take Brooks his that brooks plays above the rim and has elite athleticism. Watford plays below the rim im not saying he isn’t athletic just no where near Brooks. Brooks also has closed the gap on shooting between the 2. Watford was a way better shooter a couple years ago now that’s not the case. Watford still might be the better shooter but not by a wide margin. Also Brooks and TJD together this year on the AAU circuit and their chemistry was undeniable. I was watching one of their games with Rabjohns and they had a sequence where they played the high-low game to perfection. Both kind of looked at each other and said wow looks like they complement each other. Before that people wondered how they would play together and they killed it all year. If you wanted to look it up in the old April Evaluations thread from the last 2 years I’m sure I wrote about what I saw if u were interested. Personal Preference is Brooks but Watford is a heck of player also Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners mobile app
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    This was not the first time we've watched Garcia. This from Brian Snow during last April's evaluation period originally posted by ccg. Dawson Garcia, PF, D1 Minnesota - Garcia showed high level ability on Saturday. At nearly 6-foot-10, Garcia can make shots from deep, attack with the dribble, and then despite needing strength, he is fairly good at finishing through contact. As a rebounder he is solid, and will grab boards both in and out of his area. Garcia is still a bit of a work in progress, but the talent is clear. Head coaches from Minnesota and Nebraska watched him, as did assistants from Iowa State, Stanford, Xavier and Indiana.
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    Here we go folks! #1 DB Larry Tracy
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    We've had a little discussion about Archie's reaction to Rob's shot and also Crean's reaction to CWat's dagger. How about this reaction from The General after Jay Edwards stuck a fork in Michigan
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    #10 LS Sean Wracher
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    #9 ATH David Ellis
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    #7 LB DK Bonhomme
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    #5 TE Gary Cooper
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    #4 OL Mike Katic
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    #2 DB Tiawan Mullen.
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    Last night we learned that Morton is human after all. Mt. Lebanon needed to play a near-perfect game and find a way to shut down senior Ethan Morton if it was to upset Class 6A No. 1-ranked Butler. Jake Hoffman scored 27 points and Sean Loughran 23 to lead four Blue Devils in double figures as unranked Mt. Lebanon (4-1) handed the visiting Golden Tornado its first loss, 87-60. Morton, a prized Division I prospect, was limited to 12 points.
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    Wishing him the best. When talking to him on here whether on the forums or in the staff section he was one of the nicest people I’ve ever talked to. Pull through it and get back to doing what you love good sir! Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners
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    WOW! Atta girl! Great start to the season. https://www.pressherald.com/2018/12/18/girls-basketball-holmes-lifts-gorham-past-deering/ Mackenzie Holmes gets a double-double in the first 10 minutes, finishes with 33 points and 28 rebounds and lifts Gorham to a win.
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    Colts / NFL Game Thread

    No Luck or Leonard on the Pro Bowl roster is such garbage.
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    College Bball Thread

    Youngstown St up on O$U 14-2. Chris Holtmann wouldn't allow that. Oh, wait....
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    When Terry was at the Indy Star, he was my go-to guy for IU updates. Hoping there will be good news on this front. I'm no doctor or police officer, but from the article posted, it almost sounded as if he might have had a medical issue before the accident. Whatever the case, will be thinking of and praying for him and his family. I hope he's back covering the Hoosiers soon.