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    hoosierbgh reacted to HoosierAloha in Indiana Vs North Carolina Game Thread Wed 11/30/22 9:15pm(ish) ESPN (   
    I feel there are enough weapons on this team that we should have a "big 3" on most nights. Typically, that will be TJD and XJ with the third rotating. XJ can have an off game and IU wins but his leadership and drive (see e and e) needs to be there. Reneau has been that third several times but Race, Kopp, JHS, Bates, and Geronimo can step up in different ways.
    I don't think we need to be hitting on all cylinders to win this game if we defend and rebound. UNC hasn't looked that great and have their own issues. I'd love to see us put it all together and smoke them by 20+ points at home.
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    hoosierbgh reacted to Rico in College Bball Thread   
    Big win for the Boilers for sure.  But it will be interesting to watch the season unfold for the Zags and where they end up in the polls.  I will echo what many feel.  I don't think Gonzaga is the same Gonzaga of the past few years.
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    hoosierbgh reacted to WayneFleekHoosier in IUBB vs Jackson State - Friday, 11/25/22 @ 12:30 on BTN   
    Did our job!
    some tough ones coming up!
    Glad to see Bates ball out and look composed.  JHS appears to need another season in Bloomington and I’m here for it.  I think he’s forcing a little bit. He’s capable. I like him shooting open 3s.  His shot selection otherwise has been NOT SO great!  
    Mostly I’m worried about TJD.  He looked very hampered in his posture and speed.  I want him healthy for the big boys.  We going to need him. 
    Kudos to X for playing some smart and great basketball!  Happy for him and us. 
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    hoosierbgh reacted to go iu bb in IUBB at Xavier - Friday, 11/18/22 @ 6:00 on FS1   
    Whatever the emphasis happens to be each season, the refs seem to stop emphasizing it after the first 2 or 3 weeks of the season. After that it tends to revert back to same old, same old. Unless the refs want to influence a game later on, that is. Then they seem to all of a sudden remember the emphasis. 
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    hoosierbgh reacted to Uspshoosier in College Bball Thread   
    Never forget that Rob was a top recruit for some major programs.  He chose IU over Purdue, Ohio St and Virginia.   He was projected as being a guard that was supposed to win lots of games for whatever program he went to.  Those were scouts words who get paid to give their opinion not mine.  At the time it was looked at as a great get by Miller.   Unfortunately for IU and Rob it never worked out like it was projected.   Rob gave 4 years to IU and gave IU fans an incredible moment.   Got to wonder what he had left in the tank after the injuries and some hard times in is 4 years at IU.   
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    hoosierbgh reacted to Demo in College Bball Thread   
    It’s a great event. Please, God, tell me Walton’s not calling it?
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    hoosierbgh reacted to IUc2016 in College Bball Thread   
    Got to love Purdue sneaking in there after looking like complete poop against nobody
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    hoosierbgh reacted to BGleas in IUBB vs Miami (OH) - Sunday, 11/20/22 @ 5:30 on BTN   
    Love the energy Geronimo played with. He needs to be a garbage pail, energy guy. When he plays like that consistently then all of the other stuff will come. 
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    hoosierbgh reacted to HinnyHoosier in IUBB vs Miami (OH) - Sunday, 11/20/22 @ 5:30 on BTN   
    Miami players are still gonna be looking over their shoulders for Geronimo under the basket during their next game.

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    hoosierbgh reacted to Hovadipo in IUBB vs Miami (OH) - Sunday, 11/20/22 @ 5:30 on BTN   
    I love this guy. He moves incredibly at that size. Reminds me a bit of Dawand Jones playing for Ben Davis. I bet he just brutalizes smaller guys in the MAC down low. 
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    hoosierbgh reacted to Brass Cannon in IUBB vs Miami (OH) - Sunday, 11/20/22 @ 5:30 on BTN   
    I don’t get the Kopp hate either.  Who are we supposed to play instead?  
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    hoosierbgh reacted to HoosierFan1994 in IUBB vs Miami (OH) - Sunday, 11/20/22 @ 5:30 on BTN   
    Even though I'm a college hoops junkie I'm a huge NFL/Cowboys fan. Needless to say IU was on my second tv yesterday. I was able to watch enough of it. Not surprised they got off to a slow start. 
    1. Thank you Coach Woodson for not playing Trayce, Xavier, etc more than 25 minutes. No need to do that right now. I felt last year he would play those guys more than he should have in these kind of games. Kaleb and CJ both got some great experience last night. 
    2. Malik's minutes are going to continue to sky rocket. I think he is their 3rd best player right now (2nd if X isn't on..). Again, I love Race and what he brings. I'm not saying he should bench Race. Continue to start him. But maybe it should be a 20/20 ish split between minutes. 
    3. Much better game from Tamar/Geronimo. I was really disapointed with their performance on Friday night. Geronimo HAS to show up in the start of those big games or he won't see any action in the 2nd half. Tamar too. Trey will play over him and CJ could eventually. 
    4. I love this freshman class. I also think they all are back next year. Jalen is awesome. Potential is there. But he's not a one and done. Malik isn't either. CJ and Kaleb are going to have a huge impact on this program going forward. It's possible they are starters as juniors..maybe even next year. Well done Coach Woodson and staff on this class. Not bad for someone who can't recruit.... :) 
    5. Let's take care of business this week. Upsets can happen. Let's worry about UNC AFTER Friday. I'm just as excited for that game as anyone else. I just don't want a Fort Wayne situation happening all over again. 
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    hoosierbgh reacted to Brass Cannon in IUBB at Xavier - Friday, 11/18/22 @ 6:00 on FS1   
    Because they are humans and aren’t perfect and shouldn’t be penalized for something that isn’t a factor. Just like Xavier wasn’t penalized 
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    hoosierbgh reacted to lillurk in IUBB at Xavier - Friday, 11/18/22 @ 6:00 on FS1   
    Ok, some reflections from Friday’s game:
    1. You expect role players, especially younger ones, to struggle on the road, moreso early in the year. I’m not worried about JHS, Bates, or Geronimo based on this game.
    2. JHS had a nice game EXCEPT shooting.
    3. Reneau did all that in 16 minutes. Very few teams have one big as good as he is, let alone more than that.
    4. As we might’ve guessed, pretty clear the true rotation is the starters plus Trey, Geronimo, Bates, and Reneau.
    5. I think XU is pretty good, as others have said. Seems clear they’ll shoot well but I would also suggest they outperformed shooting expectation on Friday.
    6. Conversely IU may have underperformed slightly from 3. Kopp and Thompson, in particular, had open looks they’ll hit more than not and missed them.
    7. haven’t mentioned the two stars yet…what’s left to say? Enjoy the ride.
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    hoosierbgh reacted to hper50 in IUBB at Xavier - Friday, 11/18/22 @ 6:00 on FS1   
    Getting out in front of this -- Skyline Chili STINKS
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    hoosierbgh reacted to rcs29 in (2023)/(2024) - (C) Somto Cyril   
    Would love to have Cyril alongside Ren in the front court next year. Would only need to solidify the PG position and I'd feel pretty good about next year's squad. I like Cupps a lot but not sure he'll be ready to carry the load as a FR and I think it seems clear JHS is headed towards 1st RD draft pick. Can probably get a good transfer to fortify that spot....I hope.

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    hoosierbgh reacted to Stuhoo in (2023)/(2024) - (C) Somto Cyril   
    Admittedly premature to speculate, but a frontcourt of Malik, Soto, Logan, Jordan G and Banks would be excellent.
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    hoosierbgh reacted to J34 in College Bball Thread   
    On one of the Purdue boards!

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    hoosierbgh reacted to TheWatShot in College Bball Thread   
    I always take a moment to appreciate UK's first loss every year. I haven't forgotten the UK super-team that almost ran the table, how ridiculously stacked they were and how much flexing their fans did as they closed in on our claim to being the last unbeaten team. 
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    hoosierbgh reacted to Stuhoo in IU Basketball News and Notes   
    Sure, but does Banks have twice as many turnovers as assists?
    Cause Smith has him there.
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    hoosierbgh reacted to Stuhoo in College Bball Thread   
    And another thing, I’m pretty ******* tired of people slobbering over Matt Painter.
    Do you wanna know what extraordinary roster construction looks like? Stop looking at Matt ******* Painter and start looking at Mike Woodson
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    hoosierbgh reacted to LamarCheeks in IU Football has committed several million $ to wrong choices and wrong personnel   
    Lamenting that Michael Penix is no longer at IU seems to me like shouting at the rain. 
    He got hurt every season he played for us. One time, he was running out of bounds and tore his ACL. No contact. 
    For both parties, it was time to move on. He needed a change, and we couldn't count on him to stay healthy. 
    It's great for him that he's having such a stellar season. And the optics might not be good for us, but I'm not sure what other choice there was. It's just one of those things -- that's IU football for you. LOL! 
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    hoosierbgh reacted to Stuhoo in IU Football has committed several million $ to wrong choices and wrong personnel   
    One of the best parts of the Tom Allen hire is that he was someone who truly wanted to be at IU, versus taking the IU job as a stepping stone or big paycheck.
    If we look in the near future, I'm a fan of again bringing in someone who will want to stay at IU. If we ever get it right we need it to have the potential to last.
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    hoosierbgh reacted to Stuhoo in College Bball Thread   
    That won’t help, but for me?
    Even more I think they’re just gonna wear the kid out.
    They’re already playing him high minutes against cupcakes just to generate a little offense. If he’s going 30 mpg+ at 7’4” it’s potentially an injury or energy problem with constant B1G battles.
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    hoosierbgh reacted to Demo in College Bball Thread   
    Yeah, let’s see how it goes when they play teams that can run and pick and roll him off the floor.