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Hats off to Peyton Ramsey

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7 minutes ago, mdn82 said:

This all day long. He consistently made the right play. Being a “game manager” is so cliche, but when you keep him off of his back he does enough to win consistently. Is he more skilled than Penix? No. But remember without him we aren’t 6-2 with a chance at 8+ wins at IU. I will take that “game manager” on my team every day of the week.

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Sometimes it’s not about how much you can do but more about how well you do thing things you can 

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I’ve been as critical of Ramsey as anyone but I’m really happy to have him. He played about as perfect of a game as we could’ve asked yesterday and I’m even more thrilled to have DeBoer. His ability to craft a gameplan that fit Ramsey so perfectly was very refreshing to see.

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2 hours ago, brumdog45 said:

Have we ever been able to say that IU is a bowl caliber team even if they had to play with their QB2?


Back when I was in school -- 1987 -- Dave Kramme started twice because the starter (Dave Schnell) had an appendectomy. That was the only time we beat Michigan and OSU in the same season (Schnell started both those games, though). Unfortunately, one of those games in which Schnell was out, we could've won the Big Ten title. But we got poleaxed at Michigan State. It's doubtful Schnell would've made a difference in the outcome -- a 27-3 loss -- but I think it would've been more competitive. I know that's not the same, but we did win eight games that year -- and had to play a couple with our QB2. 

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