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Prediction League (Game 11 - Maryland 1/4/21)

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I really don't like Maryland.  I understood adding Penn State and Nebraska to the conference.  Even Rutgers seemed like an OK fit.  Maryland reminds me of a gold digger just out for the money.  I just don't think the attitude is right.  I don't like the players they get.  I don't like how they play.  They still look like an ACC raider to me.  I just simply don't like Maryland and I certainly don't wish them well.  I just can't see them helping build on Big 10 traditions.

Are we looking at a Penn State clone in this game.  Maryland plays up tempo and can shoot the 3 with volume and accuracy.  Our guys better guard the line because Maryland can be very streaky.  I think IU does well when we can get out and run too.  I see a slight offensive edge to Maryland and a bigger defensive edge to the Hoosiers.  Las Vegas says 70-65.  I think both teams can score better than that.  My cloudy crystal ball sees a 75-70 Hoosier victory.

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