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  1. IUFLA

    Player decisions

    This looks promising...
  2. If Stevens did take the UNC job, to IU fans he'd go from Brad ******* Stevens to ******* Brad Stevens
  3. Woody might not be as low key as we think... Sounds like he can have an edge to him if you poke at him...
  4. Woody's first "thank you" is to Bob Knight...A great tribute to RMK...
  5. Don't know for sure, because I'm not sure the hire was discussed with the players before it was announced, but going off that, it appears that Khristian did indeed enter the portal before he knew...
  6. "Times have changed" is really irrelevant to the conversation...He was able to coach 2 woeful franchises to winning records when other coaches couldn't...
  7. Here are the Knicks records for the past 23 years...See the 54 wins in 2012-13? See who the coach is? That's the high water mark over that time period...and even in his last year, his 37 wins haven't been matched since...
  8. IUFLA

    General New Coach News

    You're right...it wasn't publicly announced util 2005...but I think RMK probably had it in mind from the beginning at TT...
  9. IUFLA

    General New Coach News

    Bob and Patrick Knight at Texas Tech
  10. IUFLA

    General New Coach News

    Think about it...Sister Jean for us... Hand me a rosary...
  11. IUFLA

    General New Coach News

    He's also very positive in his treatment of the players...I think that's the kind of guy kids want to play for any more...They're not into the "scream in your face" types any more... I was skeptical that he would do well at Michigan, but he's starting to win me over...He recruits well enough...Michigan will be a B1G force for the foreseeable future I think...
  12. IUFLA

    General New Coach News

    Yes, and they've been rewarded for their idiocy by having one year with a better winning percentage than Woody's last year since then (11 years)... Woody won 53 games there his last year. His successors, Larry Drew and Mike Budenholzer, won 44, 40, 44, and 38 in subsequent years... Change isn't always good...
  13. IUFLA

    General New Coach News

    So going from winning 16% of your games in his first year, then going 32%, 37%, 45%, 57%, 65% had nothing to do with coaching... Oooookay... In the Knicks interim season, he took over for a guy who's considered a pretty fair coach and won as many games in 24 games as D'Antoni did in 42, and then winning the division the next year is not good coaching?