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  1. Maynard

    General New Coach News

    I just voice searched "Indiana Basketball Coach" on Google and it said, "Dane Fife is the head basketball coach at Indiana University." I then searched "Dane Fife" and it told me he was an assistant coach at Indiana. Is this true, was Fife hired and did he appoint himself as his own assistant coach? (Insert Dwight Schrute gif)
  2. Surveys show that 98% of male athletes strongly prefer male coaches. Female athletes prefer male coaches too, but by a very slim margin. Becky may know basketball, but that's not enough.
  3. Maynard

    General New Coach News

    I don't understand those who are preaching tempo and wanting guys like Oats because of their offensive style. Alabama was in or near the top 10 in tempo, but they only scored a few ppg more than Michigan. Would anyone be disappointed with a Michigan style offense? They ranked 259th in temp this year. Guess who ranked 206th, a full 53 spots ahead of them? That's right, Archie Miller's Hoosiers. They felt so much slower because they were so inefficient. RMK's teams were near the top of the B1G in scoring because of efficiency, not tempo. Efficiency is what matters.
  4. I have been working a lot over the last few months trying to deal with inventory issues in China. Today I tried a new tactic. It turns out that the factory managers in Behai have no information on Brad Stevens or the Indiana coaching vacancy. However, they stammered around a lot when I asked the question, so they might be trying to misdirect. I will keep you all posted.
  5. Does anyone know the exact date RMK signed his contract with IU in 1971? Could this happen exactly 50 years to the date after IU landed the greatest basketball coach ever?
  6. I was referring to things in the public sphere, not fishing for extra insider information.
  7. I certainly don't keep stats on the accuracy of insider information. I am also not trying to offend anyone. We are all Hoosier fans!
  8. I said that it was the most compelling piece of evidence, not the only piece. I don't keep tabs on success rates of insider tips in this forum. People really respect you. I certainly take that into consideration, and I am not accusing you of saying anything that you don't believe to be true. I know several guys who work in the NFL, they are very connected, but information that they get is still often wrong, or significantly premature. To your further credit both you and IUwins have stated that things could change. I respect that. I heard that the Ravens were signing Colin Kaepernick from the guy who was putting the name on the back of the jersey. It doesn’t get much more certain than that. Then his GF made a tweet and the Ravens backed out. The full story didn't come out for months. In your opinion, outside of your personal source, what is the most compelling corroborating evidence for Stevens to IU?
  9. Am I the only one not buying the certainty all of this Brad Stevens talk? Sure, if I squint really hard and look for "Brad Crumbs" I can concoct a scenario where it is plausible. I just find it much more likely that this is a replay of Billy Donovan all over again. The most compelling piece of "evidence" so far is Brad's presser before the Jazz game. He seemed like someone really considering what it would be like to come home. The timing seems right from an outsider's perspective. I don't find it unreasonable that Stevens would consider IU. I just think that the excitement is way overblown for the evidence presented. In other words, quit getting me excited that this might happen, my kids keep asking me why my eyes are watering!
  10. Maynard

    General New Coach News

    I know this is off topic, but I was casually scrolling through change.org and found this petition. I was deeply moved by it, and so I signed it. I know it is a few years old, but it is such an important issue. Please consider signing it too. I have no ulterior motives... https://www.change.org/p/boston-celtics-fire-danny-ainge-and-brad-stevens
  11. Added bonus: Tonight at dinner the conversation, led by the kids, was about how Steve Alford and Keith Smart beat the "orange guys."
  12. My kids really wanted to make movies. With all the extra quarantine time I ran out of excuses. Naturally I guided them to a productive use of their time and talents! I thought some of you might enjoy this. The Shot Radio call version The Shot tv version
  13. I don't really care about Romeo Langford's decision. He's a teenage kid (and seems to be a great one) who is making a decision about what to do during the next 10 months of his life. Whatever he decides won't truly make my life better or worse. I won't become any more or any less of an IU fan. My pay won't change. My family's health is not in the balance. My faith life will not be shaken. And yet, here I am checking this thread a dozen or so times each day. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using BtownBanners mobile app
  14. At this point I am 75% sure that there is a 100% chance that Romeo doesn't decide to not pick a school without an annoying bird mascot or a coach who once played* in the NBA before beginning his career as the ambassador for the underground organization Basketball With Borders. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using BtownBanners mobile app