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  1. So, do you happen to also have the next Power Ball numbers too?
  2. Need to see line play improve. CTA better be scheming some good run blitzes to slow their rushing attack or it will be a very long day. I'm still pessimistic and have a bitter taste in my mouth from last year. Hope I'm wrong though IU - 20 Illini - 31
  3. ClusterHead

    General New Coach News

    Dolson keeping this quiet and tight-lipped is tough on the perception of the coaching search. While so can appreciate the candor and thought of keeping it in house, the constant lack of any sense of direction outside of Stevens is not doing a lot to instill confidence right now. Players are leaving (potentially) and we are staring at Crean, year 1 version 2. There is a difference between keeping the details under wraps, but leadership should display some sense of direction and progress. Example: you don’t want to know how a butcher makes the sausage but you need to know that your order is being worked on and has a rough timeline for completion.
  4. ClusterHead

    General New Coach News

    Hello there, Mr. Treesh! I mean...ummm, errr...I’m not Scott Dolson...ahem...I don’t even know a Scott Dolson. My name is Guy Incognito!
  5. ClusterHead

    General New Coach News

    It depends what they called him; just need the full context
  6. ClusterHead

    Candidate Thread: Thad Matta

    The day I actually feel upset over an ESPN reject is the day I’ve gone mentally soft. Id be desperate for attention too if I worked for a publication called *checks notes* Stadium...
  7. ClusterHead

    General New Coach News

    Why won’t this site let me like this more than once?
  8. ClusterHead

    Candidate Thread: Thad Matta

    It’s the pathology...the foot drop, the leg not working (like the video said). That can be set off again if something isn’t quite right. I’m currently living that; went about 3-4 years with no pain and being able to be active again. Then, had an accident that set it off...the foot drops for me are back, the weak leg and reduced nerve function is back. You have to be extremely careful in maintenance. I don’t see how Matta could be ready for the stress and endurance you need to succeed at a D1 level with those potential and very real risks.
  9. Also explains why I now have two cats when I wanted no cats and she wanted two cats
  10. Cool! Free TV on Walnut Street!
  11. I’m not a lawyer or legal expert, but that restrictive of a contract could be thrown out by a judge if it is ruled that the implementation of the terms are unconscionable right?