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  1. MadAboutIndiana

    Looking to next season

    RoJo, Blackmon, OG, Collin, Thomas Bryant. Newkirk, CuJo, Freddie, Juwan, De'Ron. That's likely the rotation. Devonte Green has a chance, though.. Wild card
  2. MadAboutIndiana

    Indiana Core Junior All-Stars Names 03.23.16

    Lol man... Interesting take but how many times does it need to be hashed out. It isn't like IU didn't try all out for Bluiett. He didn't want to come
  3. MadAboutIndiana

    Looking to next season

  4. MadAboutIndiana

    Looking to next season

    OG looks huge
  5. MadAboutIndiana

    2019-2020 NBA Thread

    LeBron made a huge mistake leaving Pat Riley
  6. MadAboutIndiana

    2016-17 Basketball Schedule

  7. MadAboutIndiana

    (2017) SG Al Durham Jr. to IU

    This thread is pathetic smh How do you guys know? It's so much that goes into it beyond on the court stuff. IU clearly fell in love with Al Durham the person. Doesn't hurt that he's a hell of a player Screw Sexton. Small as hell. How do you guys know he would be a fit at IU? Because he makes a lot of shots in EYBL? Lol Jesus Christ
  8. MadAboutIndiana

    Troy Williams Decision

    Still lol-ing at folks who think Troy's combine performance mattered
  9. MadAboutIndiana

    Troy Williams Decision

    Best of luck, Troy! Will be interesting to see how #5 is remembered
  10. Please let this kid land in Bloomington
  11. MadAboutIndiana

    (2017) SG Al Durham Jr. to IU

    gotta wonder when iu offers
  12. MadAboutIndiana

    Troy Williams Decision

    He played himself to the D League during the past three seasons, not at the combine. The combine won't alter any team's opinion of a player. It's not like these teams aren't scouting these guys 365 days a year and they're just now meeting them at the combine.
  13. MadAboutIndiana

    2017 IUBB recruiting

    They develop big men? Who?
  14. MadAboutIndiana

    Troy Williams Decision

  15. MadAboutIndiana

    Troy Williams Decision

    The NBA draft combine has almost zero bearing on a team's opinion of a player. How Troy played doesn't matter and won't have any impact on his "decision" He gone