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  1. WilJos3390

    Blackmon Transferring?

    Dude that reported this news is the same guy that reported this.... [attachment=3645:ImageUploadedByBtownBanners1457832574.769192.jpg]
  2. WilJos3390

    Blackmon Transferring?

    Hey, opens up a scholly lol. If true... Jk, id hate to see Blackmon leave. Not sure the credibility of the report.... But.
  3. WilJos3390


    Let's just delete this damn thread
  4. WilJos3390


    Ole Tommy has delivered 2 BigTen titles to us. Let's pipe down a little. Hopefully he and team show up when it matters in a couple weeks. But let's be thankful! #Champs
  5. Troy better not keep this shit up
  6. Looked like Mathias undercut him there
  7. Get the last shot here and we're in a good position
  8. Typical calls in East Lansing I see
  9. WilJos3390

    Article on recruits from McCarthy

    I agree from that stand point.. But still. Wasted scholarship, and it's obviously Crean's fault for wasting it. But I think it's going to hurt us in the next year or two. Having that available scholly would be nice
  10. WilJos3390

    Article on recruits from McCarthy

    Hate to say it, but we have to get Priller off scholarship... Imagine if we could pull in another recruit that could actually make an impact. You know?
  11. WilJos3390

    Indiana @ Wisconsin game thread on ESPN

    Not even an early 2nd rounder
  12. WilJos3390

    Indiana @ Wisconsin game thread on ESPN

    How many times the refs gonna let Happ chicken wing in the post tonight? But 4 straight TO's to start 2nd half.. Hope the IU of old isn't rearing its ugly head here.
  13. WilJos3390

    are you serious?

    Seriously... I'm trying to say.. D. O. U. C. H. E. And it blanks it out automatically every time lol