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Spring Game Thread - 4/15 at 1830 EST on BTN2go

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The Camion Patrick news is not promising. Wilson mentioned "ACL" a few times during his media availability this morning but unsure the degree of the "tear". Whenever I hear tear and ACL in the same breath, I fear for the worst.

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Wilson Encouraged by Team's Enthusiasm this Spring

By: Tori Ziege

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. – Memorial Stadium is getting a makeover.

The goal posts will come down this week in the South End Zone to set the stage — quite literally — for Indiana's spring game on Friday. The game is free and open to the public.

The annual Little 500 concert will take place immediately following the spring game, and everyone in attendance will automatically become a part of general seating for electronic dance musical duo Flosstradamus and a surprise opener.

"For our fans that are here, the concert is the icing on your cake," Indiana head coach Kevin Wilson said. "A little Indiana Hoosier Friday night football, and a little Flosstradamus EDM music."

The makeover means a slightly shorter field for the Hoosiers, who will have about 80 yards to work with as they host the 15th and final practice of the spring season before their fans.

The spring game will include a walk-through set to begin around 5:45 pm, about 40 minutes of practice drills and then about an hour of scrimmage in which both teams will drive toward the North End Zone.

Rather than splitting the team, Wilson will have the first offense compete against the first defense, the second offense against the second defense, and so forth.

All in all, he expects the team to run through about 70 to 80 plays.

"It's no different than Hoosier Hysteria," Wilson said. "I think it needs to be a festive day, a lot of fun, but it's still practice 15."

The festivities will feature heavy fan involvement, including opportunities to call plays, be under center, or even stand in as punter for a snap.  

Following the spring game and spring graduation, Memorial Stadium will also have new turf put in. That renovation is scheduled to be done by June 1, in time for Indiana's summer training camp.  

Hoosiers Finishing the Spring Strong
"We still have a long way to go."

That qualifier has been a favorite of Wilson's this spring, and it's a fair one. No football team should be ready to go four months before the start of the season.

But it's what Wilson says before he qualifies that's worth taking note of, and even with the disclaimer, it's a positive sign for Indiana as it wraps up a "clean and combative" spring.

"This team has practiced the best (spring practice)," Wilson said. "To me, it's been the best we've seen our football team."

Wilson made similar comments Saturday, after practice was moved indoors due to inclement weather. Inside Mellencamp Pavilion, the Hoosiers took the most snaps out of any spring practice this season, and Wilson walked away feeling confident that it was their best performance yet.

When he met with the media following Tuesday's practice, he was still aglow with excitement about that performance, and also in anticipation for Friday's spring game.

"I had a coach say the other day, 'Man I was at this school and this school in a major conference recently. Your energy, your effort, your enthusiasm, it's not even close. You guys are buzzing around,'" Wilson said.

But even then, he still has to qualify.

That's what keeps his team motivated.

"Even though they're getting better, no one is happy about it," Wilson said. "And that's encouraging."

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I would love to be able to stand back there and shank a punt. That's awesome.

Wilson sounds excited. At the very least, the end of the game will start to get really crowded with students showing up for the concert. So hopefully they have a good time.

One thing I find hilarious is that they are selling $40 tickets to students, but if you show up for the spring game, you can stay for free. I love this as it totally sticks it to those not willing to show an ounce of support for football.

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Really like that they're involving fans more and having the game before the Little 5 concert to boost attendance. I attended every football game I could and had a blast. There is nothing quite like walking down 17th street pregaming and seeing kids passed out in the grass or stumbling back to their frat/sorority house.

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