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  1. HoosierRich

    Player decisions

    Everyone forgetting about Gunn? He just announced his commitment to IU and Coach Woodson yesterday.
  2. You’re not the only person I’ve heard mention facilities and it honestly confuses me a bit. Assembly Hall just went through a complete renovation including new stadium entry, video boards, sound, locker rooms, and players lounge. Cook Hall is what...13 years old? It may not be the newest, but serious question: what “amenities” are missing that need to be added? I heard the idiot Doyle talk about the Marquette job like it was the Lakers going on about how they pay more (they don’t as Woj made $1.7 vs Arch at $3.3) and their facilities. They have an incredible practice facility, but their arena is off campus and is a no-character NBA arena. Other than being new, what does it have that Cook Hall doesn’t? Additionally, didn’t IU just recently build new basketball player housing? This critique of facilities seems to be more a comparison someone making $20 mil vs $30 mil rather than some one making $200k vs $10 mil. Tell what I’m missing.
  3. If we are playing 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon and Dolson is “Kevin Bacon” how many degrees away is your main source?
  4. HoosierRich

    Sean Miller caught on phone

    One interesting piece of info (I haven’t seen listed) is that Archie was only an assistant for two seasons in Arizona, 2009-10 and 2010-11. Only three star and borderline 4 star players were recruits during this span, but the first year Archie is not an assistant Arizona gets two 5 star kids, Josiah Turner and Nick Johnson......AND continued to sign at least two 5 star players every year since then. Perhaps that’s coincidence. The only constant......Book Richardson as asst. coach.
  5. HoosierRich

    IU versus Duke Pre-game Thread

    I think our best ally is the schedule. Duke plays at 10:30pm Sunday in Portland which means their plane won’t get back to NC until about 6am Monday morning....if they even fly home that night. Followed by a quick turn around to Bloomington for Wed. That will be a jet lagged team.
  6. Just watched the game on DVR. Could not be more disappointed with the play of Robert Johnson. Not saying he didn't have effort, but he was not playing smart. Saw him give up multiple three's leaving his man open by sagging off. Add in the turnovers and he earned some pine.
  7. HoosierRich

    FBI Corruption Investigation

    Anyone have possible names for the NY Post article? 1.Kid was picking between Louisville and we think pUKe. 2. Kid was good baseball player (possible baseball offers?or two sport athlete?) 3.Played for adidas AAU team 4.Likely played in last 2-6 years as his father talked about his sons possible desire to coach collegiate athletics in the future....would speak to him being fairly and early in his career path.
  8. I worked for the parent company of Mad Mushroom for awhile.....the Btown location went away when the landlord wanted to redevelop the property it sat on. They stil exist at Purdue and UK.
  9. I've said all I will on the matter......lets just agree to disagree and move on.
  10. That's not true in the state of Indiana. It is administratively against virtually every school districts rules for a teacher and consenting 18 yr old, but not illegal. I'm sure some states may be different, but that is not the case in Indiana.
  11. Ok, if you say so. I shared my opinion of the man, and said I wasn't a fan personally....I didn't claim him to be the anti-Christ. Others don't have to agree, or like it, but I stand by what I said.
  12. He was a teacher at the high school.....she was a student at the high school. Pretty cut and dried.
  13. I am curious why you so vehemently stated how it would be illegal and went into the fact he would have been in a position of authority and then reversed course and defended the action......his "position of authority" didn't change, regardless of age.