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    ATG08 reacted to Vauxhall and IU in Game Thread: Rutgers Scarlet Knights @ Indiana (12PM ET on BTN)   
    This game is a great example of why it's been this season in particular that's soured me on Archie.
    I feel like a lot of folks' criticism of Archie was based on just wins and losses, and while yeah, our W/L weren't where we wanted them to be, every year I felt like we were making incremental improvements and slowly but surely solidifying our defense into something really efficient. But the way we've regressed so much on D this year has laid waste to that theory.
    Archie's whole coaching philosophy is supposedly defense. It was why I was so excited to watch his teams after the fun but empty calories of Crean ball. If we were still occasionally losing tough games but showing improvement on D, it'd be one thing. But if our D is going to be this bad, it negates his entire ostensible reason for being here.
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    ATG08 reacted to IUHAHN81 in TOM CREAN FIRED   
    Good for Mike.  Not even joking.
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    ATG08 reacted to rebelhoosier848891 in 2017 NIT Selection Show - ESPNU 8:30pm   
    I love IU basketball so I will be watching the NIT selection show----but it is not acceptable that we missed the NCAA tourney with all the talent we have. Waiting on a coaching change but still backing my HOOSIERS!
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    ATG08 reacted to Brass Cannon in IU vs Duke Post Game Thread   
    I honestly think this team has regressed from last year.  How I don't know. 
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    ATG08 reacted to Parakeet Jones in Wake Forest Post Game Thread   
    No matter what happens the next two days, this trip goes down as a failure. This is the type of team we should have put away with10:00 to go. I wish I could say our lack of defense was a one game issue but I'm my heart I don't believe that.
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    ATG08 reacted to MartintheMopMan in Hoosier hysteria   
    You know... cat saddler.

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    ATG08 reacted to KingPG21 in (2016) SG Rawle Alkins to Arizona   
    That'd be kind of a dick move if he is just screwing around. Like Cliff Alexander faking out the entire Illinois fanbase type move
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    ATG08 reacted to HoosierAloha in (2016) PF De'Ron Davis to IU   
    Good Q&A by Bozich and company.  Davis' coach sounds like he is pretty high on IU.  I would love to know some of the fact checking that was confirmed over the weekend.  Looking forward to DD making the best decision for him and his family, hopefully that is in Btown!
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    ATG08 reacted to Hoosierfan2017 in Emmitt Holt Releases a Statement about Dismissal   
    Either don't apologize because you don't think you did anything wrong, or issue a standard apology and put the situation behind you. Trying to do both at the same time doesn't work.
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    ATG08 reacted to IU Hoosier41 in Emmitt Holt Releases a Statement about Dismissal   
    Especially a "I'm sorry I'm a college kid"
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    ATG08 reacted to Stuhoo in Emmitt Holt Releases a Statement about Dismissal   
    If your "I'm sorry" features the theme "I'm sorry I got caught", you're not really sorry.
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    ATG08 reacted to BGleas in Emmitt Holt dismissed from team   
    Agree. I did not really share you opinion on all of this. Agree with your sentiments, but felt dismissal was too harsh and that Holt was paying for Crean's ineptitude and other players transgressions. But, with this news, my opinion has changed and Crean's quotes from last week make much more sense.

    You just can't keep Holt knowing he got in trouble hanging out with Hanner, and bringing two freshmen into that. It changes the equation.

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    ATG08 reacted to IU Hoosier41 in Emmitt Holt dismissed from team   
    Standing ovation to Crean and company. Takes balls to dismiss Holt this year, especially at this point of the season. 2 strikes you're out is the way it should be handled and they did that here.

    If the players don't get their acts together...

    - Hanner
    - Davis
    - Holt

    The writing is on the wall... Everyone left with 1 strikes or no strikes should pay close attention to what has transpired.

    The OLD precedent of doing nothing and no consequences is gone... Good for you Coach Crean. Good for you.
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    ATG08 reacted to TheStillman in Emmitt Holt dismissed from team   
    What a confusing way to react to this specific news.
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    ATG08 reacted to HoosierAloha in Devin Davis cited for marijuana possession   
    You want to really f*** with them and get your point across...? The offenders don't run, they don't do suicides, they don't do work, they're "suspended from team activities." You place the offenders where the rest of the team can see them and you punish the rest of the team. Once you do enough physical exercise that you puke from someone else's mistake you tend to grow a pair and stop people from doing stupid s***. I did more push-ups, flutter kicks, and physical punishment for other mistakes than for my own mistakes I would call people out in a heartbeat.
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    ATG08 reacted to Dalton26 in Devin Davis cited for marijuana possession   
    I'm split on it. It is Crean's program so it all does also fall on him, but with that said it's time for these guys to grow the **** up.
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    ATG08 reacted to Stuhoo in Jeremiah April to transfer   
    April is over.

    We May have our roster set.
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    ATG08 reacted to IUHoosier5 in Is Banner 6 a realistic possibility?   
    With Yogi announcing he will indeed be back next year as well as Thomas Bryant signing his LOI, I cannot help but get excited at the possibility of hanging Banner 6 while being a sophomore at IU. Is this actually realistic though? I just want to have a little discussion if this is actually a realistic possibility with this team or if all of our hopes are too high.

    My take is that this is indeed a realistic possibility. Yogi had his best season yet and could've very well made the jump to his ultimate goal (the NBA), yet he decided to stay and serve as the captain of our most talented team in years. To me, this means that Yogi truly believes this year is a banner or bust type of year like his tweet mentioned.

    JBJ also mentioned that there is "unfinished business" to do. We all know he wants to leave for the NBA, but that will only be possible if he is able to attack the time rim harder and finish as well as improve his defensive skills tremendously. I expect JBJ to contend for All-American honors.

    Troy also knows that this will more than likely be his last year before the NBA barring injury. Simply, I expect him to take a huge step his junior year much like Oladipo did. Not much to add on that. We know how that story went.

    HMP finally got a full season under his belt with the more minutes than he probably saw his first two years combined, and with that came valuable experience. The competition with Bryant is only going to make HMP better, and he won't be asked to do as much. I believe this will help HMP more than one expects.

    Thomas Bryant...Ahhh...It sounds so great to talk about him as a Hoosier. He may only be a freshman and there will be a learning curve, but his basketball IQ, maturity, and leadership skills are going to set a fire under this team's behind and push them to great lengths. This was such a huge get for our program, and it will be evident through the course of the season.

    This bench may be one of the better benches in all of NCAAB. Hartman, ROJO, Ziesloft, OG, and Morgan all bring something different to the table and will be able to do a solid job while the starters take a seat. I'm extremely confident in each and everyone of these players next year.

    What do you guys think?
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    ATG08 reacted to TrueHoosier62 in West Lafayette named Big Ten's worst college town   
    This really isn't "news", but thought it funny just the same. Frankly, I thought their assessment was a bit harsh. I've been to West Lafayette on a few occasions and found the women, though decidedly larger than most, warm and friendly. Indeed, they seemed quite content to stand out in their fields, chewing quietly.
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    ATG08 reacted to WayneFleekHoosier in Derby Festival Classic April 11th @ 7 pm ET   
    Yeah, it was a solid dunk for Morgan. No defense in this game. Easy transition for me since I watched IU games all season long.
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    ATG08 reacted to IU Hoosier41 in YOGI--You Stayed! Now Lead Us To Glory!   
    The world of having some fun?  Yea... I can tell.
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    ATG08 reacted to JSHoosier in OT: IU Tweets Kentucky Loss Thread   
    Fine give them the missed shot clock violation, as long as they give the 2 shots and possession to Wisconsin that should've been awarded after that bogus no call on the Lyles slap.
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    ATG08 reacted to Crimson and Cream in OT: IU Tweets Kentucky Loss Thread   
    This whole thread is golden. Everyone gets a like, the Easter bunny said screw the candy, I'm handing out likes.
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    ATG08 reacted to swatford in OT: IU Tweets Kentucky Loss Thread   
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    ATG08 reacted to brtjohns in OT: IU Tweets Kentucky Loss Thread