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  1. bizzle44

    2021 Transfer Portal

    Is CJ Gunn missing from this?
  2. More former IU players weighing in positively
  3. I'm just excited to be excited about IUBB again! Between a coaching search on the men's side and the women on the brink of tourney success... I'm a HOOSIER!
  4. bizzle44

    Game Thread:POTFB 11/30 @ 12 ESPN2

    From the reddit post-game thread: https://old.reddit.com/r/CFB/comments/e43jmr/postgame_thread_indiana_defeats_purdue_4441_2ot/f96o2tf/ p.s. CRAZY to think that 2020 is right around the corner!
  5. bizzle44

    IUBB @ Duke- 11/27 @ 9:30

  6. bizzle44

    IUBB vs Chicago State - Tues. 11/6 at 6:30 pm ET

    He gives us an option to play against teams with big, strong inside guys. He will give us important minutes, even if it is a lot less than what he could have had last year.
  7. bizzle44

    IUBB vs Chicago State - Tues. 11/6 at 6:30 pm ET

    TGIBBS Thank God It's Basketball Season!!!
  8. bizzle44

    IUBB vs Chicago State - Tues. 11/6 at 6:30 pm ET

    At least Robbie Hummel is wearing a Crimson tie!
  9. bizzle44

    IUBB vs Chicago State - Tues. 11/6 at 6:30 pm ET

    This BTN commentator NEVER shuts up... I need to sync the radio broadcast at half
  10. bizzle44

    IUBB vs U of Southern Indiana (Exhibition) - Thurs., 11/1

    This highlight on Twitter has me so excited for improved D this year! https://twitter.com/IndianaOnBTN/status/1058134860815044610 (whats up with the northwestern lead-in, btn??? )
  11. I remember a somewhat similar sense of disbelief back when we made a coaching change that made it possible to land elite talent from Indiana... In comes Kelvin Sampson and all of the sudden EG gives us a serious look... "No way, he eliminated IU as a possibility a long time ago!" I thought. Then a few weeks later, "Holy cow! We're an option again!" Bright times ahead for Hoosier fans!
  12. bizzle44

    Some computer(shopping) help would be appreciated

    What is your budget? Video editing it's heavily affected by processor power, so put your graphics card budget into a better CPU. If Minimum requirements are a core 2 duo, then keep in mind anything better will help performance. Also, a SSD (solid state drive) over an HDD is the single biggest upgrade to performance you can make. SSD are so much faster than old mechanical drives, I was blown away when I put one in my PC for the first time. I have built my own computers for years. My first one was nicknamed "Big Red" because it was in a red case and I was in my 2nd year at IU!
  13. bizzle44

    College Bball Thread

    Hoosier Hysteria and MM "practices" like it are celebrations. The long off-season is finally coming to an end and these events are a chance to meet the new team. The players get their first chance to introduce themselves and what they are bringing to Hoosier Nation. And likewise, it is Hoosier Nation's first chance to show the players the community they are joining. Fun and passion for basketball. On October 21st, let's show everyone what we are all about!