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  1. e1999doubleglock

    2021 Minutes Per Game

    1 TJD 2 XJ 3 STEWART 4 RACE/KOPP (about even) 5 BATES (he's going to be reaaal good) 6 GERONIMO 7 LANDER/PHINISEE 8 GALLOWAY/Dunkin/LEAL
  2. e1999doubleglock

    Player decisions

  3. e1999doubleglock

    2021 Transfer Portal

    Does anyone actually think Brooks will go from UK to IU? That would take a massive set of cajones. Hope it happens but I'd give it a 1% chance...
  4. e1999doubleglock

    BBall Non-Coaching Program Improvements

    I think if you go new stadium route down the road, you keep the look and feel of AH but modernize it and improve it. Bigger seats, better views, more seats, but keep the unique look and feel so you aren't erasing the history. That won't be needed for a long time but I would bet they go that route if they found a new stadium was necessary. Jersey wise, would love a move to Nike or Jordan with a tasteful home and road alternate for occasional games. Adidas as a hoops outfitter is just not as cool. Most top programs are Jordan/Nike it seems.
  5. I am far too lazy to photoshop this one, but use your imagination.
  6. It's a lateral move, so you pay him more money than he is currently making. That's without mentioning the benefits that he played here and would be the head coach in waiting. Those are all big factors.
  7. And the great Jim Sorgi delivers an elbow drop from the top rope!
  8. The guys that think we are still a blue blood are the guys that are disappointed. Not blaming you for thinking that way, but I do not think we are a blue blood. Blue blood implies nobility and infallibility. We haven't made the tournament in 5 years and have made one Elite 8 in the last 20. We have been incompetent and embarrassed by our rivals...Hardly infallible--how the hell could we look in the mirror and say we are a blue blood? I cringe when I hear it. Luckily we have a road back to blue blood status, which other schools do not. Huge advantage. But we are not a blue blood at the moment.
  9. I have been stalking the board for weeks--it has become a total debilitating addiction. Glad it is over... I really have appreciated everybody's participation and positive attitude during these past couple weeks. Some of you guys are so funny that I nearly pissed me pants multiple times. Seems to me like the "philanthropists" who made this happen had "zeroed in" on Stevens, but were fully aware that it was a long shot. If that didn't work out, Dolson was not free to go get whoever he pleased. Remember, it wasn't his money. Plan B was to go get "IU guy" and Woodson seemed to be the most qualified. So the "donor" was not necessarily driving the car, but he was paying for the gas. I am personally excited about it. I think Woodson is going to be a fantastic recruiter and more importantly, a developer of talent. Archie couldn't develop a turd in his colon---all diarrhea.. Plus, we get a chance to see if "IU guy" is the missing piece to our return to prominence or not. If it doesn't work out, then we just go and get a new coach and a new plan. Not the end of the world. IUBB will be fine. It cannot get worse than 12 and 15. Excited to see Woodson and crew get to work. The decisions of the portal guys will be telling.
  10. e1999doubleglock

    College Bball Thread

    Class Building. Depth. Even Depth. 4 Stars plus at every position. Starting 4 star needs a 4 star behind him. Is this how Indiana comes back? Crean didn't "class build," but then again, who would have expected Vic to take off? Archie can coach. We know this much. Can he recruit? Can he build a program that can withstand early entrees? I say YES
  11. e1999doubleglock

    BTOWN Banners Crystal Ball

    Romeo Langford - Indiana University Hoosiers