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  1. bnkepner

    College Bball Thread

  2. bnkepner

    College Football Thread

    Might have missed seeing it posted on here but someone just brought to my attention that Tommy Stevens is transferring from Penn St for his final year of eligibility.
  3. bnkepner

    2019 General Recruiting Thread

    I was still shocked after his senior year that schools like Ball State, Indiana St, Valpo, etc never offered him.
  4. bnkepner

    (2020) SG Anthony Leal to IU

    Thought I saw him sitting behind the bench at today's game. This is a tough one, because he isnt the highest rated player but I've seen several videos and interviews of him talking about what an honor and point of pride it would be to play for Indiana. We definitely need more players like that.
  5. bnkepner

    (2019) PF Trayce Jackson-Davis to INDIANA

    If Alford doesn't have success this year they probably have him on a super short list. They lost two starters from last years team but return everyone else and have a top 10 recruiting class coming in. He will probably get a pass this year but i don't know for how much longer
  6. bnkepner

    (2021) CG Jalen Blackmon

    What AAU team is Jalen Blackmon playing for?
  7. bnkepner

    (2018) RB Kristian Pechac

    As of January 27th Kristian is now at Pima Community College in Arizona
  8. bnkepner

    (2018) RB Markese Stepp to USC

    Do we stand a chance with him at all?
  9. Its been a few years now that they are no longer really selling the posters. The last few years they have been giving them away at the games. You can still purchase them online I think, but they do not carry them at the bookstores on campus for sale. I think it was previously mentioned it was due to avoid any problems with using players likenesses.
  10. He is a great player. Wish he would've gone somewhere else but like it was previously mentioned, this will make the rivalry even more competitive.
  11. bnkepner

    (2019) C James Wiseman

    Rated number 1 overall in the new class of 2019 ESPN rankings
  12. bnkepner

    2018 General Recruiting Thread

    Haven't really seen it posted here but Mike Davis' son Antoine (2018 PG) has signed to play for Kelvin Sampson at Houston. He shot 43% from distance during the EYBL
  13. I thought the exact same thing once I saw the offer tonight. I think Henry has just been waiting on an IU offer and will most likely be out next commit. I think the staff knew he would probably be a fast commit so they waited till they had someone like Race commit to offer Henry. I could be completely wrong but thats what first went through my head after seeing the news that Archie offered Aaron Henry.
  14. bnkepner

    (2018) PF Race Thompson to IU

    I don't see why anyone would be upset with him coming in and redshirting for one year. His one year of practicing against high level D1 talent everything, going through strength and conditioning with Cliff Marshall, etc is going to make him a way better player than if he stayed in high school for his senior year. Welcome aboard Race!
  15. bnkepner

    Thad Matta OUT @ OSU

    This just keeps getting more and more odd. McDermott is an average coach. Doesn't blow me away and definitely doesn't scare me as an IU fan.