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  1. Hoosier2014

    Fire Coach Woodson

    Only thing I am worried about is if Auburn ups the ante and makes his son coach in waiting like Houston did for Kelvin Sampson. That would be hard to overcome. If that's the case, move on to option B, Scott Drew (purely my opinion on pecking order).
  2. Hoosier2014

    Fire Coach Woodson

    Maybe the selection committee can do us a solid and put Auburn and FAU as a round of 32 matchup. Winner gets the IU job and sweet 16 appearance.
  3. Hoosier2014

    IUBB vs Nebraska- Wednesday 2-21-24 8:30 PM BTN

    What's everyone think about Woodson chest bumping/charging Galloway and looking like he wanted to k*** him? In case you didn't see it, it happened when Galloway played lazy defense and the Steph Curry wannabe had a wide open layup in the second half. I will say it did seem to work as Galloway spent the rest of the game chasing him hard but that was the most intense I've ever seen Woody.
  4. Hoosier2014

    Positive Thread only

    @ mods can you please lock the thread? I take back my positive thread, time to burn it all down.
  5. Hoosier2014

    (2024) PF - Derik Queen to Maryland

    Jeez. Scratch everything I said above lol. Help is indeed not on the way.
  6. Hoosier2014

    (2024) PF - Derik Queen to Maryland

    Regardless of your feelings on Woodson, IU is on track to put their 2 best bigs in the NBA in back to back years. That is attractive to any post player. Then you add the benefit of playing with one of your best friends in McNeely and playing with Malik who is another Montverde alum and it all makes sense as to why IU is thought to be the leader. That's not even taking into account NIL and IU has to be the leader out of Maryland and Houston. I don't think Kansas is possible with them having Flory and the possibility of Dickinson returning.
  7. Hoosier2014

    Positive Thread only

    There’s plenty of threads with non stop negativity so let’s keep this thread positive only (life is short, let’s try not to be miserable). I’ll start. Queen commits and Mgbako returns. Need 3 portal guards and we’re right there. PG - portal (Tony Perkins, Bruce Thornton, or Malik Mack) SG - portal/Galloway Wing - McNeely PF - Mgbako C - Malik Bench: Queen, Cupps, knockdown shooter, Newton, Sparks. If none of Leal, Banks, or Gunn return get 1 freshman guard and a backup wing.
  8. Hoosier2014

    (2024) PF - Derik Queen to Maryland

    Don’t have Peegs sub but reading the Twitter replies to the article sounds pretty good for IU. Seems he mentioned Ware going pro or not as a deciding factor. Would make sense as to why he hasn’t announced anything yet and one would assume this could be a good thing for IU. If anyone read the article and got something different from it, please correct me.
  9. Hoosier2014

    IUBB vs Iowa - Tuesday, 01.30.24 @ 7:00 on BTN

    Man we really needed that win. Proud of the guys. I think some want us to spiral out of control and that would’ve been likely if they lose that with the 2 injuries. Feel terrible for X and think it would be a good thing if IU fans send uplifting tweets at him or something. Already seen a couple saying we’ll be better with X out and that’s terrible. Keep that **** to yourself.
  10. Hoosier2014

    General Coach Candidate News

    Very true but you’d be shocked at how a pay raise can entice people. $6 mill a year plus heavy bonuses sounds pretty good.
  11. Hoosier2014

    General Coach Candidate News

    Mark me down for Scott Drew or Tommy Lloyd if the change is this season. Or write a blank check to Dan Hurley. If it’s next year/beyond, I could may be convinced on Dusty May.
  12. Hoosier2014


    It's a 2 way street. Yes, we could've and should've gotten at least 1 more guard in the portal. But looking at it from the portal players perspective, why would they come to IU where the 1 & 2 minutes are 90% taken by 2 seniors? Portal players are in the portal for a reason, mainly that reason is for more playing time.
  13. His first name is in red and last name is in blue. Makes ya think even more....
  14. I'd 100% agree with this except the 2 major rumors (visits to 4 schools & cancelling UL visit) were reported first by others (Zagoria & Louisville radio host). So someone is leaking info and my best guess would be UL staff. Since they are out of the picture, I think it's safer to say only believe Slater now.
  15. I love the ride. Not much into the NBA (will watch the later half of playoffs) so this is good entertainment. Gives me something to do while "working".