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An Underrated Absolute Classic

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Came across a GREAT way to spend an hour or two:

A year after the ‘87 title, a 10-6 Indiana team hosted the #2 team in country; the 17-1 Purdoo Boilermuckers.

IU featured the great Dean Garrett and two freshman starting guards; Jay Edwards and Lyndon Jones. Interesting to note that two starters from the title team - Smart and Calloway barely played (they played a bunch earlier that year which led to the meh start).

The crowd is completely amped and the game is a complete classic with a nail-biter finish. Enjoy!



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44 minutes ago, TheWatShot said:

Wow, we beat Purdue since color TV was invented? (jk)


We were up ** - ** at one point in that game, fell behind ** - **  and ended up **** ** - **. Crazy game. 

Had to use mod privileges to edit you WatShot.

Don’t want to give away the “what happens” just yet!

Such a fun game to watch. Have to think Magnus Pelkowski hit his career game high in the first five minutes!



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