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  1. Chilly willy


    Glad to know Lamar cheeks understands. A groan of salt means nothing, thousands changes everything
  2. Chilly willy


    Every player u mentioned is now over/pushing 60. Seems like times have changed and so should our team focus
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    No, ur missing the point. U paid out of state tuition, therefore contributed to the schools $$$. Out of state players take their scholarship and go back to their state/nba and don’t contribute in any way. If we have in-state players, we still have a big10 team but also enjoy the later contributions to our economy as they use their free degree. It is a win-win
  4. First off, I would like to commend Coach Miller’s attempts to recruit players from Indiana. However, I think his recent failures within the state could lead to a broadening of our recruiting scope and I feel as though this is to the detriment of our state. Coach Miller and his staff only tend to focus on those players that are highly ranked and, with many of these, he has been unable to close the deal. He therefore will look for players in other areas, non-Indiana players and this DOES NOT HELP US. I think he needs to double down and recruit only Indiana players for the good of the state. OUT OF STATE RECRUITS DO NOTHING FOR INDIANA: When we recruit out of state players, these young men are coming here and enjoying a FREE education. They then, for the most part, take their diploma and then put it to work in their home state (or NBA) and leave Indiana with nothing but fleeting basketball memories. Al Durham, Devonte Green and others were nice young men, however they DO NOTHING FOR THE ECONOMY OF INDIANA ONCE THEY LEAVE. WE ONLY RECRUIT INDIANA PLAYERS/SEE THE BIG PICTURE: I realize that winning basketball games is something fun, however we need to see what is truly best for the state. If we don’t get the top 50 recruit from Indiana, then we should be targeting the top 500 kids from our state. While these players may be lacking in basketball acuity, they WILL STAY HOME WITH THEIR DEGREE. We need to change our stance and realize The purpose of Indiana Basketball should not be the pursuit of trophies, This is for those that are short sighted and vain. The purpose of Indiana Basketball is to further the state of Indiana. We do this by investing in young men and giving them scholarships so they can, in turn, return to their communities in Indiana as Doctors, Engineers and Teachers and help those communities grow AND contribute to our tax base.
  5. Chilly willy


    i understand the present rancor towards our coach and the clamoring for his termination Prior to making a rash decision, please note that when choosing a new coach it is important to assess 'fit' we ARE the Crimson and Cream --- CREAN and CREAM are close enough to be HOMOPHONES [grammar term, not bashing a minority group] i think we should take this forced rhyme scheme into account if/when we choose a successor -- MARSHALL/MILLER/STEVENS don't come close to rhyming with anything in our storied program if u want a replacement, you could get someone named DIM SUNG -- be forewarned, while this is a pleasant dish, there is a possiblity that, [as with all chinese food, you will just want to hire another coach in a few hours]
  6. We are in a bad stretch, however it is not time to panic because these defeats were to be expected if u look at them objectively 1. WISCONSIN -- it is very hard to beat cheese --- you get a big piece of Asiago in the post and they will dominate the paint on both sides of the ball 2. LOUISVILLE -- those horseys are fast and u can't expect to run with them for 40 minutes -- when u couple that w/fact they have a jockey on their back, it means we were playing 10 against 5 and u just can't compete with that 3. BUTLER -- in the day of social media, if we were to beat the living hell out of your butler, we would be crucified on facebook/twitter for being an obnoxious rich person -- it is better to take the loss and keep our character 4. FORT WAYNE -- you can't expect to win a fight when you are GOING TO THEIR FORT -- this one was just poor military planning on the part of the AD, never would have happened with Knight 5. NEBRASKA --- i have no clue why we lost to nebraska....splitting corn is not a superpower that we should fear
  7. It is apparent that the change in focus after Blackmon's injury has altered our teams path for the better.  Gets me to think that we should ABANDON ALL MCDONALD'S ALL AMERICANS.  I think we should go so far as to just going after the McDonalds characters.  Get rid of Yogi and bring in the Hamburglar, we may be losing something in ballhandler but the guy has to be good on steals.  Ditch Thomas Bryant and bring in Grimace.  We would be getting more height, someone in purple that wears striped pants AND still have someone that has a mean streak like Bryant...or at least he can show mild annoyance.