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  1. zsmithey4

    Desmond Bane

    Huge Grizzlies fan here. I know we didn’t really recruit Desmond Bane out of high school but how the hell did Purdue, ND, or Butler also let him leave the state? The guy is awesome and one of the better pure shooters I’ve seen.
  2. Pumped about Woodson and Matta! I challenge all of you that are pouting and whining and saying "you're done" to actually be done if you don't want to support the program.
  3. zsmithey4

    General New Coach News

    I’m gonna buy a trophy for everyone saying they won’t be a fan anymore if we hire x,y,z. Literally nobody cares whether or not you watch the games just support the team if you want or stop begging for attention and clogging up the threads on here with that garbage
  4. zsmithey4

    General New Coach News

    King Dolson will return us to glory. Source: me
  5. zsmithey4

    General New Coach News

    This really is just one big game of nobody knows what the hell is going on huh lol. I'm waiting for the day there's an announcement and it's just a complete mystery candidate haha
  6. zsmithey4

    General New Coach News

    I personally am a big fan of Nate Oats but I am confused by a lot of the talk on here around him. Am I missing something I was under the impression that there was no way we would get him?
  7. zsmithey4

    General New Coach News

    Moser's name would not even be mentioned right now had they lost to Illinois on Sunday. Seems like a really bad idea to hire another mid major flash in the pan especially one that has had even less sustained success than Archie did.
  8. zsmithey4

    General New Coach News

    I highly doubt somebody in my graduation class (2020 it says it in his bio) has any sort of source on this. Also mentions that he thinks Trayce is a late first round pick and as much as I love Trayce as a player I have to disagree with that.
  9. zsmithey4

    Coaching Candidate Thread: Ben McCollum

    It doesn’t matter if he would coach circles around archie. Are we really going to even act like hiring a D2 coach is a remote possibility or going to bring us any sort of success? It would be the joke of all jokes if we hired a D2 basketball coach to come to IU it would be completely embarrassing. This thread shouldn’t exist.
  10. zsmithey4

    Coaching Candidate Thread: Ben McCollum

    I’m sorry but this is absolutely ridiculous? Hire a D2 coach? Might as well close up the basketball program. Come on. Let’s delete this thread now. Embarrassing.
  11. If we go after Brad and we miss and we get Beard I would be ecstatic. I love Chris Beard and he’s one of the best coaches out there
  12. I used to live in Memphis was supposed to work for the Grizz in ticket sales before the pandemic screwed that up. I'm a huge Grizz fan!
  13. Guess I’m pouring another drink. Just need to get to Friday. Took a half day thinking we’d be in the tournament lol
  14. zsmithey4

    Archie. Miller. Fired.

    Yeah at this point it’s a big Wednesday night place because of quarter beers but other than that people just go depending on who’s playing that night