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  1. zsmithey4

    POTFB 1/14 @ 7 PM FS1

    We didn’t play hard and we haven’t consistently played hard since 2016. It’s gonna keep happening until leadership steps up whoever that is. I have been a die hard fan since I was a little kid and I’m not gonna stop but I’m also realistic about changes that need to be made and we gotta start winning games. We don’t go into games with a winning attitude we go into games hoping not to lose. We barely beat PSU, Maryland, and Nebraska I don’t know where we go from here and I’ve tried to be as positive as possible. If this season ends horribly next year isn’t going to be any better:(
  2. zsmithey4

    Coaching Candidate Thread

    I have been as supportive and positive as I can possibly be and I will support this team until the last game of the season every single year but it is time for some leadership in this program and I think that comes from an IU guy. We need an IU guy to lead this program or we need to go get Chris Beard. We need someone to light a fire under this ******* program. I am sick and ******* tired of watching teams lay down and ******* quit. I am sick of watching teams that dont ******* play hard. I would have killed to have the talent to put on the candy stripes and play in Assembly Hall and we have had 4 ******* years of guys that do not give a **** whether they win or lose and at this point that is on the leadership of the program.
  3. zsmithey4

    Is IU-Nebraska going to happen?

    I started this thread just to see if the game was going to be played because I had not seen anything about it and Nebraska had cancelled against Purdue. Did not intend it to be a "let's talk about covid thread" haha
  4. zsmithey4

    Is IU-Nebraska going to happen?

    Love to see that! Let's beat their @$$ and build some confidence. This team is getting there and looking like they're improving every night!
  5. zsmithey4

    Is IU-Nebraska going to happen?

    Personally I’d rather us not play the game Sunday if it’s going to risk us missing our games next weekend which are much bigger.
  6. Does anyone know if this game is actually going to happen? I keep seeing posts online about how we need to bounce back Sunday but Nebraska already cancelled a game earlier this week are we going to be able to play that game?
  7. Need a better OC and Penix back so so bad
  8. **** anyone that complains about this win. We won it with guard play, something we could not get going all year. Those guys gained so much confidence tonight. Al Durham and Rob Phinisee went off in the second hald and Rob hit a damn game winner. We are on to Maryland on Monday and that is the only game that matters now. Penn State is #50 in kenpom btw in case anyone thinks they are a bad team. Yes we should have won in regulation by more but they have good players that hit timely shots but we found a way to pull it out and that is huge. This team is 6-4 with 4 of those 6 wins coming against power conference teams and we are getting better every game. As a fanbase let's quit the complaining and start supporting this damn team.
  9. zsmithey4

    1-0 this week

    1-0 this week baby that is all that matters. On to Maryland!
  10. zsmithey4

    IUBB vs Penn State - 12/29/20 @ 8:30 on BTN

    One game at a time baby let's get back on track tonight!
  11. zsmithey4

    1-0 this week

    If last night in the Big Ten taught us anything, it's that 1 game at a time is the only way for any of us fans to keep any sort of mental sanity through this season
  12. zsmithey4

    1-0 this week

    As fans we tend to be very reactionary to things, good or bad, that happen with our team. That can be said about any fanbase of any team. However, all we can do is sit and watch and root for our team to be the best it can be. Going 1-0 this week is very important for the Hoosiers. All we have is Penn State at home on Wednesday. We win that game, we gain some confidence and get ready to play Maryland at home on Monday. Let's just go 1-0 this week and then watch the football team beat the hell out of Ole Miss on Saturday. Go Hoosiers!
  13. zsmithey4

    What Can IUBB do to Revive Your Excitement/Confidence?

    Lander getting more minutes and experience here in the next couple games could be huge. The kid is mega talented and not scared when he is out there I would love to see him play more and more.
  14. zsmithey4

    What Can IUBB do to Revive Your Excitement/Confidence?

    I’m not saying I’m anti Archie or anything like that but does anyone else think Priller needs to give it a rest on Twitter? Quite possibly the worst scholarship player and maybe even the worst player to ever play for IU and he’s coming at the fans like we didn’t have to sit there and tolerate him wasting space on the team for four years?
  15. zsmithey4

    What Can IUBB do to Revive Your Excitement/Confidence?

    It's really not that hard to see that when the effort picks up for this team the offense gets better. It's also clear that Archie is getting the message to them in the locker room at halftime but like what we saw tonight, you cannot get yourself in a hole in conference play and expect to just come out and win it in the second half. I don't know if we need to use more timeouts in the first half or just find some way to get these guys more fired up to start the game but this offense looks so much better when they are turning defense into offense and playing in transition. Gotta find a way to bring more energy consistently.